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Moving Queue from Windows to Linux - Directory keeps overwriting

Posted: 08 Aug 2021, 17:45
by simbo770
Hi Y'all!

First off, I appreciate the community

I moved from a windows install to a debian install (using docker), and took the following steps in order to move my queue over:

  • Stop nzbget;
  • move files as you like;
  • open nzbget.conf in a text editor and modify paths;
  • open queue disk state file "queue" stored in directory pointed by option "QueueDir" in a text editor and replace all paths;
  • start nzbget.

The problem that I have is that once I restart NZBGet, all of the old files in the queue still try to save to the windows directory. Also, when I open up the "queue" file in a text editor, it has reverted again back to the windows directory. Any new files added save to the proper linux directory however.

Is there something I'm missing? Would the best solution be to delete all the files in the queue and add them back again?