Low Download Speeds

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Low Download Speeds

Post by DanMa21 » 27 Oct 2021, 02:37

Hey Guys,

I'm searching for the reason why I get only the half of my bandwidth speed. I have a one gigabit link (with speedtest measured 936 Mb/s). But I get over nzbget only 53,6 MB/s max. My news service provider offers 1 gbit.

My nzbget application is running in a docker container on a raspberry pi. The container writes on an external hard drive connected via usb3.0.

If I do a write test local like this

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  sync; dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/ext-hdd/output bs=1M count=1024; rm -f /mnt/ext-hdd/output; sync
I get the following results

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1024+0 Datensätze ein
1024+0 Datensätze aus
1073741824 bytes (1,1 GB, 1,0 GiB) copied, 7,50869 s, 143 MB/s
So, is there a way to test somehow where the issue lies?



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Re: Low Download Speeds

Post by hugbug » 27 Oct 2021, 22:07

Check cpu usage.

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