Dual drive setup for NZBGET results in 2 full drives instead of one

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Dual drive setup for NZBGET results in 2 full drives instead of one

Post by gomjabbar » 24 Jan 2022, 21:47

Hello. I'm having an issue when i queue up a large amount of files to download using NZBGet. First some details about my configuration:

1. I have one drive designated for download and extraction, lets call it E: drive
2. I have a second drive designated for the extracted finished files, lets call it I: drive

The drives were about the same capacity.The issue is this, my I: drive fills up. No more files may be extracted on it. E: drive still has space. However, nzbget does not stop downloading or attempting to process the queue when the I: drive is full. This results in the E: drive filling up with downloaded but un-extracted file sets. These become difficult to deal with. Occasionally, if you reboot, nzbget will lose its memory as far as which file sets have been downloaded but are still in an un-extracted state, which makes processing them by hand necessary. This can be very tedious if its hundreds of file sets.

I looked for anything in settings which would allow NZBGET to pause downloading when the destination drive (as opposed to the download drive) is full, but could not find one.

Is there any solution to this problem?

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