Error connecting from Sonarr - JSONRPCError Access Denied

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Error connecting from Sonarr - JSONRPCError Access Denied

Post by sunshinesoldier » 16 Feb 2022, 12:38

I have configured both NZBGet and Sonarr using Docker containers. Both are configured behind an NGINX reverse proxy linked with Lets Encrypt, so that I can expose each to a domain name via HTTPS connections (port 443).

So I can connect to either container using:
  • http://dockerhost:defaultport
Or: NZBGet has the "AddUsername" and "AddPassword" fields populated. I reuse these credentials below in the Sonarr side.

I am trying to configure the Sonarr client to connect with NZBGet within the Settings > Download Client

I choose to add, with the big "+" button. Select "NZBGet" and changed the Host, Port and SSL (tick box) fields with every combination! I get 2 different error messages. 1 is if it cannot connect to the NZBGet instance at all, and the 2nd indicates it can reach the server but does not authenticate. This is the error message received when testing this and I am also unable to Save this config as a result as well:
Test was aborted due to an error: Error response received from nzbget: { "name": "JSONRPCError", "code": 401, "message": "Access denied" }

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