Speeds are very slow as of last 2-3 weeks?

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Speeds are very slow as of last 2-3 weeks?

Post by maussim010 » 27 Feb 2022, 22:15

Hey all. Aside form basic google-fu, I', not sure how to research this issue any further. I'm running NZBget/sonarr/radarr via docker on a Synology NAS. Everything is current and up to date. System has been running smoothly for 4-5 years now.

Over the last couple weeks my DL speeds have rapidly dropped. I used to get about 35-50MB/s as a regular DL speed, and now I'm getting about 3-7MB/s down. I've played with connection settings and a couple of other things but nothing has helped. I am using newshosting as my service and have been for 4-5 yeas now.

Any ideas as to where to start? Working on getting the logs but until then any guesses?

Thank you in advance

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