nzgbet on Raspberry Pi - 100% CPU usage on Idle

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nzgbet on Raspberry Pi - 100% CPU usage on Idle

Post by buggy13 » 21 Nov 2023, 20:39


i reinstalled raspberry pi os bullseye on my raspberry pi v3 a few days ago and installed the last version of nzbget. I did'nt download anything at the moment. nzbget daemon ist started using a systemd unit. when i check htop i see nzbget using 100% cpu but only 1 core is at 100%. restarting the unit or the pi doesn't change anything.

this is the unit i use:

Code: Select all

Description=NZBGet Daemon

ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 30
ExecStart=/home/pi/.bin/nzbget/nzbget -D
ExecStop=/home/pi/.bin/nzbget/nzbget -Q
ExecReload=/home/pi/.bin/nzbget/nzbget -O


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