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multiple sessions

Post by deeps » 24 Nov 2008, 19:02


I'm trying to run multiple copies of nzbget simultaneously, however, i dont seem to be able to run more than two:
nzbget -D
nzbget -c /etc/nzbget.two.conf -D

both of those work, but when I try to run
nzbget -c /etc/nzbget.three.conf -D
followed by
nzbget -c /etc/nzbget.three.conf -C

I get error: Unable to send request to nzbget-server at (port 7789)
ps ax|grep nzb shows that only the first two are working, and all 3 configs have different ports specified.

Any ideas?

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Re: multiple sessions

Post by hugbug » 24 Nov 2008, 20:43

1) recompile with debug enabled (./configure --enable-debug);
2) be sure the ports and all paths (including LockFile) are different in all three configs;
3) activate all log targets (DebugTarget=both, etc.);
4) start in console server mode "nzbget -s" instead of "nzbget -D" to see output if it fails on start;
5) post here the log-files for all three copies.

Try different ports.


Re: multiple sessions

Post by deeps » 25 Nov 2008, 01:09

Wow, I'm made of massive fail, forgot about the lock files.
That's nicely resolved it. Couldn't work out why it would work in -s mode but not -D


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