nzbget and dd-wrt router & external HD. Need help for setup

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nzbget and dd-wrt router & external HD. Need help for setup

Post by Qube » 03 Dec 2008, 20:59

I am trying to get nzbget to work with my system. I have the Asus wl-520gu that is running dd-wrt mini-usb version. I have got USB support working with Samba to hook an external HD to the USB port of the router. I can access the drive thru windows by typing \\ in an explorer window.

I have three partitions on my ext HD which is formatted in ext3. I have partition one for Optware packages, partition 2 for linux-swap files, partition 3 for Data ( I would like the nzbget files to be placed here for all the computers at my house to access). I had to install the nzbget with this command because the other way did not work. I typed '/opt/bin/ipkg-opt install nzbget'

I have installed nzbget and configured my configuration file. However I do know know where to place this renamed file called .nzbget. It says to place this in the root. I save a copy there and it looks greyed out and different than the other files in that location.

I do not know how/where to place this and how to get this script to run. Also when the files are downloaded, I would like it to download the completed files to the Data partition of the HD. The pathway is /jffs/mnt/share/disk1/Data. Will this folder also have the temporary files of nzbget when it is downloading? How do I get the nzb files to start downloading with nzbget. Do I ftp the nzb file into a specific folder?

I have used hellanzb but it crashes and would like to try this since it has a webfront end. If I load the windows frontend will I be able to transfer my nzb files directly to the router with the external HD?

Please help!!!

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Re: nzbget and dd-wrt router & external HD. Need help for setup

Post by hugbug » 04 Dec 2008, 00:06

I'm not seeing what is your problem. Can you start nzbget? If not, what errors it prints?

If you are not sure where to place the configuration file, use switch "-c".

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