Current plan for nzbget-0.2.2

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Current plan for nzbget-0.2.2

Post by placebodk » 11 Jul 2005, 07:45

Hi Folks,

Just thought I would keep people updated of what my current plans with the next version of nzbget will be, which is the following:

* Add Florian Penzkofers patch for FreeBSD/Solaris
* Clean up code & code-syntax
* Fix whatever bugs appears with current nzbget-0.2.1

I know there's still a major show-stopping bug which sometimes will make nzbget halt in it's download - this will normally appear as all files being downloaded/decoded but nzbget still doesnt continue with the remaining queued downloads.

My previous venture into trying to fix this has shown me that I need to take small steps and ensure stability all the time - else I'll be wasting several months worth of coding again which will be rather suicidal for the project.

Florian Penzkofer previously made a patch which made nzbget compile on FreeBSD and which was (in appearence at least) much more clean and simple than Siddy's previous code.

However since this patch tampered with core elements of the download-code, and the last time I applied the patch it was part of the code-frenzy that ended in major instability, I left it out on purpose in nzbget-0.2.1.

I have merged the patch with the current code and will start testing it locally as being nzbget-0.2.2. When this has proven stable and been released as such, it is my current plan to start looking into the halting-show-stopping bug.



RE: Current plan for nzbget-0.2.2

Post by placebodk » 13 Jul 2005, 10:04

With the obvious high risk of jinxing it all the current version of 0.2.2 has been running on my server since last weekend and has downloaded between 20 - 35 batches of files without any problems. If all goes well I'll release 0.2.2 this coming weekend.

Current changelog of 0.2.2 looks as follows:

- Added Florian Penzkofers fix for FreeBSD, exchanging base functionality in SingleServerPool.cpp with a more elegant solution
- Added functionality for forcing answer to reloading queue upon startup of server
+ use -y option to force from command-line
+ use "reloadqueue" option in nzbget.cfg to control behavior
- Added .cfg options to control where info, warnings and errors get directed to (either screen, log or both)


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