Current status of nzbget

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Current status of nzbget

Post by placebodk » 10 May 2005, 09:06

Hi people,

Just wanted to give an update.

Although the meassurable activity here on the project page has been low in the last month(s) I have been working on adding new content to the project for the last 2 months - most notably the ability to handle disconnects/hanging download threads from the server and an extended interface/functionality between client and server.

Not long ago, however, I have come to the realization that somewhere along the way a big chunk of instability has found it's way into the code. Attempts at figuring out when and where this instability has been introduced has proven futile - I have tried, but reproducing the instability at some times means waiting for a long time which makes debugging a pain beyond words.

Hence, the current plan is the following:

* I'm gonna revert back to nzbget-0.2.0 and try and apply some of the fixes (stability/memleaks/etc) I have encountered during the last months time. When I am satisfied that the code is "stable" I'm gonna release a new version

* From there on I will gradually merge the current extended functionality and monitor the stability/instability. When all the current extended functionality has been merged I will once again release a new version.



RE: Current status of nzbget

Post by vinnaaah » 10 May 2005, 09:28

Too bad that the current codebase became instable beyond repair :( All programmers been there - reverting to the latest stable seems a good idea. Thanks for continuing even after this major setback.

I'll stay available for betatesting when you want something tested.


RE: Current status of nzbget

Post by tincanfury » 20 Jun 2005, 23:35

noticed there hasn't been any changes to CVS in a while and was wondering what the current status was? theres quite a few show stopper bugs in .2 so I'm kinda anxious =D



RE: Current status of nzbget

Post by khermansen » 21 Jun 2005, 02:59

I have pretty much stopped adding things actively to the CVS. I think placebodk reverted to the 0.2 source coude, but I will try to continue patching in the future -- just not much. placebodk is the #1 admin on this project, so maybe he has something more to say...


RE: Current status of nzbget

Post by placebodk » 21 Jun 2005, 11:03

Hi tincanfury and other people listening in :o)

I really appreciate your continued interest in and concern for the current status of nzbget.

I'll just give a brief summary of where things are at the moment:

As mentioned earlier I too identified severe bugs with nzbget, and went on a code-frenzy that was supposed to fix all of those problems - instead it ended in unstable and unusable code.

The plan was, has been, and still is to merge in some of that code-frenzy functionality while monitoring stability closely. However admittedly some momentum was lost due to this reinventing the wheel over again.

As Kristian mentions I have not committed to CVS because I have been merging new-bad-code into the nzbget-0.2.0 version locally in my working environment.

Code has been made, changed and remade, though most of the time spend with nzbget has been with testing stability - Vincent Lussenburg (vinnaaah here I think) has been extremely helpful with trying out my bad and evil code and sending my bugs when something went wrong.

What I currently have is nzbget-0.2.0 with the following:

* New (improved?) client/server interface
* Can handle timouts from server "gracefully" (results in broken file)

The biggest problem with the current code is still that it might hang when it has downloaded all files (eg. 0/142 files remaining and nothing more happens). This is something that needs to be adressed before one can say the base-functionality is in place for nzbget and it's "stable"

The question I have asked myself is when should I release a version to you guys? And what if there are bugs in the code, will you be able to handle that? Had I released the instable code-frenzy version it would have meant people would have to revert to previous versions manually.

As I see it I can either release semi-stable versions (under a alpha tag or something) or I can wait till the code is proven and sound (as sound as possible can be) before releasing anything.

If someone is interested in trying out the current code you can do it at

Any comments? Would people rather have more periodic releases of potential unstable code or wait for prestine release?



RE: Current status of nzbget

Post by rico_eduard » 23 Jun 2005, 21:53

Found some odd bug with 0.2.1

[INFO] Download finished but 6 jobs hanging

eventually nzbget halts after like downloading a few files


RE: Current status of nzbget

Post by placebodk » 27 Jun 2005, 21:34

>[INFO] Download finished but 6 jobs hanging

Does look odd, but that is actually some debugging info I "forgot" to remove, or rather which was in that version (since that isnt 100% the release version)

In other words, disregard the info, it has no other significance than me trying to figure out what the code does :o)


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