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Set max Threads

Post by cu-viper » 03 Mar 2005, 20:12


i use nzbget on my small server (p1 200 mhz). now i have the problem, that nzbget closes before ending the downloads.

<42188cec$0$32026$8fe63b2a@new @ (21%, 68 kB/s)
1019 threads running, 68 kB/s, 524 MB queued (~ 02:11:38)

i think the problem is the number of open threads. can i set the maximum number ?

what could be an other reason for the interruption?

mfg cu-viper


RE: Set max Threads

Post by wfhiker » 04 Mar 2005, 12:02

Try to limit your download rate.

If you really want to limit threads you can try what I posted to the newzbin forums:



RE: Set max Threads

Post by placebodk » 04 Mar 2005, 16:57

Hi cu-viper,

Which version of nzbget are you using by the way?

The current way nzbget handles connections and disconnects to and from the server seems to be less than bulletproof.

You are supposed to be able to set the maximum number of download-threads in your nzbget.cfg file - but there seems to a couple of situations where this doesnt quite work.

I've seen two situations which I think is related to the same problem: a) Threads running wild like you describe, and b) download-queue stopping with 2 threads hanging

"Unfortunately" I'm off to Game Developers Conference (GDC) the entire next week so I won't be able to look at this problem in the near future.

In the meantime, if youre using nzbget-0.2.0 you could try to revert back to 0.1.2 and see if the problem goes away.



RE: Set max Threads

Post by cu-viper » 04 Mar 2005, 18:32


i use 0.2.0 ..
.. can i overwrite nzbget 0.1.2 or how do i install the older version ?

mfg beardog


RE: Set max Threads

Post by cu-viper » 05 Mar 2005, 10:34


cu-viper part 3 ;)

.. i installed 0.1.2 .. it works better, but it reduces the dl-speed to 60kb (decresending) ..

i sure now - its the processor speed .. it cant decode the files just in time ..

<_NoVd.3864922$f47.692728@news (79%, 55 kB/s)
631 threads running, 55 kB/s, 11105 MB queued (~ 57:26:11)

.. i think i try the idea with the limitation of threads
thx 4 theese ideas .. more inforations welcome :)

mfg cu

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