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NZBGet decoding speed

Post by wfhiker » 17 Feb 2005, 21:11


I posted the following text on the forums, but I think here is probably the better place to discuss about nzbget development:

I'm doing some "benchmarks" on a Pentium 200MMX and Debian sarge with a modified nzbget version right now.
And my modified version is definitly faster.
In this version nzbget keeps the articles in memory until a whole file is finished, then writes a temp file and forks the uudeview binary to decode.
On my 200MMX systen with about 400kb/s download speed it takes nzbget-0.1.2 about 11 minutes to download and decode a 45 MB/13 files post (11minutes real time, 9m30s user time).
The modified version does the same in about 3minutes real and 2m15s user time.
Using yydecode ( for yenc posts is even faster.
If anyone wants the source to try it, just send me a mail. But I didn't clean up ;).


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