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Post by placebodk » 21 Jan 2005, 18:57

Hi there fella's,

Just to answer some of the problems/questions/you name it:


1) The idea about running a server on one machine and starting the .nzb download from another machine is exactly what I was talking about in the postscript from "2004-12-14" - if I find the time for it and implement the communications in sockets instead of system V IPC this would be possible.

2) "also, i get the "cannot start server, nzbget already running" even though its not" - Damnation! This is a bug related to the current use of IPC.

This is most likely caused by faulty exit's of the program where it doesn't clean up the channels it has allocated. I've "installed" several handlers for ctrl+c and stuff like that to catch these situations, but I guess I haven't caught all of them :o(

This problem would actually go away if nzbget started using sockets as way of communication (see 1).

In the meantime, one way of circumventing this problem is to do the following:

I: do "ipcs" in your linux-terminal

II: under "Message Queues" find the "msqid" which relates to your username. In all likelyhood there will be only one Id, since no other programs are silly enough to use System V IPC

III: do "ipcrm -q <msqid>" where <msqid> is the Id you found with the ipcs command.

The above will remove the faulty IPC message channel and make nzbget run again in server mode. I know it's a crappy fix, but it is "a fix"

3) The idea about running par2repair has struck my mind as well, but to figure out how many .par2 files are needed will need a degree of coorporation between nzbget and the par2 that exceeds this project at current time. But running par2repair on a possible .par2 file after the download/decoding should be possible in the future.

4) "Thanks, hopefully one of the old developers can open this back up and give you control" - I know that pmorch has tried to contact the people behind sourceforge, but there seems to be some problems related to just "reopening" the project. Instead it has been suggested to transfer the project to another site with similar hosting to sourceforge (but using the improved subversion as a revision tool instead of CVS which is used here at sourceforge).

If any such plans are executed I'm sure the will be a mention of it here in the forums.

Until then...



Reaching for the sockets - almost there.

Post by placebodk » 29 Jan 2005, 15:57

Just a quick update: I've almost converted the client/server relationship to sockets instead of System V IPC (good riddance!) - that is to say, currently I can send request to the server via Sockets and make the server download the file(s) so basic functionality is there.

Before I "release" a new alternative version though, a) I want to test it further, b) wan't to add some basic queue-manipulation functionality (delete entry, move entry up/down queue, etc), c) wan't to include pmorch's patch.

I'm hoping I will have this done either tomorrow or in the next weekend.


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