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Bandwidth limit / ceiling?

Posted: 11 Dec 2004, 15:49
by pmorch
Hi there,

I realize that nzbget cannot limit downloads to e.g. 100kb/s but that would be a neat feature, so my entire line isn't hogged by nzbget.

Sort of like the --limit-rate=amount option to wget.

Anybody know how easy that would be to add? Or can something be done with iptables? (having the app do it would be much more elegant...)

Otherwise, of course, I'll sign up with and choose an account with a bandwidth limit and have the other end do it! :-)

Does "sidddy" ever read these pages? Is he (you?) still the maintainer or associated with the project? It is listed as "Inactive" here on Sourceforge... Hmm..

It seems sidddy is the only one who has ever committed anything to CVS:


RE: Bandwidth limit / ceiling?

Posted: 25 Dec 2004, 02:09
by pmorch
See the other thread: "Added functionality for nzbget: a pet project", where placebodk already included all this stuff. Cool!