nzbget 0.6.0 and nzbgetweb 1.3 released

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nzbget 0.6.0 and nzbgetweb 1.3 released

Post by hugbug » 20 Mar 2009, 19:34

nzbget 0.6.0
  • added scheduler; new options <TaskX.Time>, <TaskX.WeekDays>, <TaskX.Command>, <TaskX.DownloadRate> and <TaskX.Process>;
  • added support for postprocess-parameters; new subcommand <O> of remote command <E> to add/modify pp-parameter for group (nzb-file); new XML-/JSON-RPC-subcommand <GroupSetParameter> of method <editqueue> for the same purpose; updated example configuration file and example postprocess-script to indicate new method of passing arguments via environment variables;
  • added subcommands <F>, <G> and <S> to command line switch <-L/--list>, which prints list of files, groups or only status info respectively; extended binary communication protocol to transfer nzb-infos in addition to file-infos;
  • added new subcommand <M> to edit-command <E> for merging of two (or more) groups (useful after adding pars from a separate nzb-file);
  • added option <MergeNzb> to automatically merge nzb-files with the same filename (useful by adding pars from a different source);
  • added script-processing of files in incoming directory to allow automatic unpacking and queueing of compressed nzb-files; new option <NzbProcess>;
  • added the printing of post-process-parameters for groups in command <--list G>;
  • added the printing of nzbget version into the log-file on start;
  • added option <DeleteCleanupDisk> to automatically delete already downloaded files from disk if nzb-file was deleted from queue (the download was cancelled);
  • added option <ParTimeLimit> to define the max time allowed for par-repair;
  • added command <--scan/-S> to execute the scan of nzb-directory on remote server;
  • changed the method to pass arguments to postprocess/nzbprocess: now using environment variables (old method is still supported for compatibility with existing scripts);
  • added the passing of nzbget-options to postprocess/nzbprocess scripts as environment variables;
  • extended the communication between nzbget and post-process-script: collections are now detected even if parcheck is disabled;
  • added support for delayed par-check/repair: post-process-script can request par-check/repair using special exit codes to repair current collection or all collections;
  • implemented the normalizing of option names and values in option list; the command <-p> also prints normalized names and values now; that makes the parsing of output of command <-p> for external scripts easier;
  • replaced option <PostLogKind> with new option <ProcessLogKind> which is now used by all scripts (PostProcess, NzbProcess, TaskX.Process);
  • improved entering to paused state on connection errors (do not retry failed downloads if pause was activated);
  • improved error reporting on decoding failures;
  • improved compatibility of yenc-decoder;
  • improved the speed of deleting of groups from download queue (by avoiding the saving of queue after the deleting of each individual file);
  • updated configure-script for better compatibility with FreeBSD;
  • cleaning up of download queue (option <ParCleanupQueue>) and deletion of source nzb-file (option <NzbCleanupDisk>) after par-repair now works also if par-repair was cancelled (option <ParTimeLimit>); since required par-files were already downloaded the repair in an external tool is possible;
  • added workaround to avoid hangs in child processes (by starting of postprocess or nzbprocess), observed on uClibC based systems;
  • fixed: TLS/SSL didn't work in standalone mode;
  • fixed compatibility issues with Mac OS X;
  • fixed: not all necessary par2-files were unpaused on first request for par-blocks (although harmless, because additional files were unpaused later anyway);
  • fixed small memory leak appeared if process-script could not be started;
  • fixed: configure-script could not detect the right syntax for function <ctime_r> on OpenSolaris.
  • fixed: files downloaded with disabled decoder (option decode=no) sometimes were malformed and could not be decoded;
  • fixed: empty string parameters did not always work in XML-RPC.
Download link

If you use nzbget on optware platform, please install from optware repository (it may take few days until the new version is recompiled by optware build system and appears in repository).

nzbgetweb 1.3
  • added configuration page (config.php) for settings of web-interface, NZBGet-server and post-processing script;
  • added the commands to start and shutdown NZBGet-server;
  • removed the check for file nzb-extensions by uploading files, since NZBGet can now process other files too (via nzbprocess-script);
  • reworked the storing of settings to make the updates of web-interface easier in the future (old settings can be keeped, new settings will be automatically initialized with default values);
  • the name of all settings were changed in order to be more consistent with NZBGet-server (no underscores, FirstWordUpperCase);
  • added the fetching of newzbin-reports (thanks to Phil Tolson <> for the patch);
  • improved error reporting, if connection to server fails.
Download link

Screenshots of Settings-page:
Settings for web-interface
Settings for web-interface
Settings for NZBGet-server
Settings for NZBGet-server


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