No more updates for Optware

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No more updates for Optware

Post by hugbug » 13 May 2014, 13:41

My SSL certificate required to push new versions to Optware repository has expired about a month ago. All attempts to contact Optware admins to renew the certificate have failed. The maintainer of Optware has retired last year. No one replies to my emails - neither he nor the person he advised to contact in his retirement post. The developers discussion forum is dead as well.

It looks like the Optware platform is abandoned.

In a case I get a new certificate I will provide further updates for NZBGet but I wouldn't raise hopes too high.

My advice for users dependent on Optware: look for a replacement repository or compile NZBGet directly for your device using toolchain provided by vendor.

You may try to compile using Optware tools but this can be problematic because Optware source repository doesn't contain all necessary tools but rather fetches them during building of toolchain. The dependent downloads often become unavailable causing the compilation to fail.

Likely the importance of Optware platform has decreased over last years because many devices become more open for third-party apps. Some vendors even provide app stores. Please look there for NZBGet package. If you build it for yourself please consider sharing it in the device app store.


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