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Post by hugbug » 25 Apr 2009, 20:11

Changes since 0.6.0
  • improved example post-processing script: added support for delayed par-check (try unrar first, par-repair if unrar failed);
  • added svn revision number to version string (commands <-v> and <-V>, startup log entry); svn revision is automatically read from svn-repository on each build;
  • added estimated remaining time and better distinguishing of server state in command <--list/-L>;
  • added new return code (93) for post-processing script to indicate successful processing; that results in cleaning up of download queue if option <ParCleanupQueue> is active;
  • added readonly options <AppBin>, <ConfigFile> and <Version> for usage in processing scripts (options are available as environment variables <NZBOP_APPBIN>, <NZBOP_CONFIGFILE> and <NZBOP_VERSION>);
  • fixed compilation error when using native curses library on OpenSolaris;
  • fixed linking error on OpenSolaris when using GnuTLS.
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