nzbget 0.5.0 and nzbgetweb 1.1 released

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nzbget 0.5.0 and nzbgetweb 1.1 released

Post by hugbug » 09 Sep 2008, 14:52

  • added TLS/SSL-support for encrypted communication with news-servers;
  • added IPv6-support for communication with news-servers as well as for communication between nzbget-server and nzbget-client;
  • added support for categories to organize downloaded files;
  • new option <AppendCategoryDir> to create the subdirectory for each category;
  • new switch <-K> for usage with switch <-A> to define a category during the adding a file to download queue;
  • new command <K> in switch <-E> to change the category of nzb-file in download queue; the already downloaded files are automatically moved to new directory if the option <AppendCategoryDir> is active;
  • new parameter <Category> in XML-/JSON-RPC-command <editqueue> to allow the changing of category via those protocols;
  • new parameter in a call to post-process-script with category name;
  • scanning of subdirectories inside incoming nzb-directory to automatically assign category names; nested categories are supported;
  • added option <ServerX.JoinGroup> to connect to servers, that do not accept <GROUP>-command;
  • added example post-process script for unraring of downloaded files (POSIX only);
  • added options <ParPauseQueue> and <PostPauseQueue> useful on slow CPUs;
  • added option <NzbCleanupDisk> to delete source nzb-file after successful download and parcheck;
  • switch <-P> can now be used together with switches <-s> and <-D> to start server/daemon in paused state;
  • changed the type of messages logged in a case of connection errors from <DEBUG> to <ERROR> to provide better error reporting;
  • now using OS-specific line-endings in log-file and brokenlog-file: LF on Posix and CRLF on Windows;
  • added detection of adjusting of system clock to correct uptime/download time (for NAS-devices, that do not have internal clock and set time from internet after booting, while nzbget may be already running);
  • added the printing of stack on segmentation faults (if configured with <--enable-debug>, POSIX only);
  • added option <DumpCore> for better debugging on Linux in a case of abnormal program termination;
  • fixed: configure-script could not automatically find libsigc++ on 64-bit systems;
  • few other small fixes;
  • added support for categories; new option "categories";
  • if a connection to nzbget-server cannot be established, nzbgetweb now shows an appropriate error-page instead of a lot of php-errors;
  • added the output of timestamps in log-window; new option "log_time_format";


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