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nzbget 16.2 (stable) released

Post by hugbug » 24 Oct 2015, 15:56

Changes since 16.1
  • implemented a workaround to deal with malformed news server responses, which may still contain useful data. One of the major usenet provider is affected by the issue recently; the workaround fixes download failures (#100).
Other changes since 15.0
  • moved project hosting to GitHub:
    • moved source code repository from subversion to git;
    • updated POSIX makefile to generate revision number for testing releases (#3);
    • updated Linux installer build script to work with git (#9);
    • adjusted function "check for updates" in web-interface (#47);
    • update-scripts for Linux installer and Windows setup fetch new versions from GitHub releases area (#27);
    • cleaned up project root directory, removed many unneeded files which were required by GNU build tools (#48);
  • added verification for setup authenticity during update on Linux (installer) and Windows (#51);
  • improvements in Linux installer:
    • improved compatibility with Android;
    • added support for paths with spaces in parameter "--destdir";
    • auto-selecting "armhf"-architecture on ARM 64 bit systems (aarch64) (#35);
  • ignored nzbs are now added to history and processed by queue scripts (#26):
    • when an nzb-file isn’t added to queue for some reason, the file is now also added to history (in addition to messages printed to log);
    • on one hand that makes it easier to see errors (as history items instead of error log messages), on the other hand that provides more info for extension scripts and third-party programs;
    • for malformed nzb-files which cannot be parsed the status in history is “DELETE: SCAN”;
    • for duplicate files with exactly same content status “DELETE: COPY”;
    • for duplicate files having history items with status “GOOD” and for duplicate files having hidden history items with status “SUCCESS” which do not have any visible duplicates - status “DELETE: GOOD”;
    • new values for field “DeleteStatus” of API-Method “history”: GOOD, COPY, SCAN;
    • new values for field “Status” of API-Method “history”: "FAILURE/SCAN”, ”DELETED/COPY”, "DELETED/GOOD” (they will also be passed to pp-scripts as NZBPP_STATUS);
    • new queue-script event NZB_DELETED;
    • new queue event “URL_COMPLETED”, with possible details: FAILURE, SCAN_SKIPPED, SCAN_FAILURE;
  • improved quick filter (the search box at the top of the page) (#72):
    • now supporting OR, AND, NOT, parenthesis;
    • can search in specific fields;
    • can search in API-fields which are not shown in the table;
    • filters can be saved and loaded using new drop down menu;
    • for more info see documentation page Quick Filter;
  • new advanced duplicate par-check mode (#64):
    • can be activated via option "ParScan=Dupe";
    • the new mode is based on the fact that the same releases are posted to Usenet multiple times;
    • when an item requires repair but doesn't have enough par-blocks the par-checker can reuse parts downloaded in other duplicates of the same title;
    • that makes it sometimes possible to repair downloads which would fail if tried to repair individually;
    • the downloads must be identifiable as duplicates (same nzb name or same duplicate key);
    • when par-checker needs more par-blocks it goes through the history and scans the download directories of duplicates until it finds missing blocks; it's smart enough to abort the scanning if the files come from different releases (based on video file size);
    • adjusted option "HealthCheck"; when set to "Delete" and duplicate par-scan is active, the download is aborted only if the completion is below 10%; that's to avoid deletion of damaged downloads which can be potentially repaired using new par-check mode;
    • downloads which were repaired using the new mode or which have donated their blocks to repair other downloads are distinguishable in the history details dialog with new status "EXPAR: RECIPIENT" or "EXPAR:
      DONOR"; a tooltip on the status shows amount of par-blocks received/donated;
    • new field "ExParStatus" returned by API-method "history";
    • to quickly find related history items use quick filter `-exparstatus:none` in history list;
  • added scripting support to RSS Feeds (#18):
    • new option "FeedScript";
    • new option "FeedX.FeedScript" to define per rss feed scripts
  • new option "FlushQueue" ("yes" by default) to force disk cache flush when saving queue (#28);
  • quick toggle of speed limit; "Command/Control + click-on-speed-icon" toggles between "all servers active and speed-limit=none" and "servers and speed limit as in the config file" (#56);
  • new option "RequiredDir" to wait for external drives mount on boot (#21);
  • implemented cleanup for field "description" in RSS feeds to remove HTML formatting (#32);
  • search string (in the search box) now supports or(|) and not(!) qualifiers (thanks to @teonar) (#38).
  • hidden webui option "rowSelect" now works for feed view too (#19);
  • improved error message for password protected archives (#54);
  • integrated unit testing framework; created few first unit tests for:
    • new configure parameter "--enable-tests" to build the program with tests;
    • use "nzbget --tests" to execute all tests or "nzbget --tests -h" for more options;
  • queue script activity is now indicated in web-interface (#60):
    • items in download list may have new statuses “QS-QUEUED” (gray) or “QUEUE-SCRIPT” (green);
    • new values for field “Status” in API-method “listgroups”: QS_QUEUED, QS_EXECUTING;
    • the number of active (and queued) scripts are shown in the status dialog in web-interface; this new row is hidden if no scripts are queued;
    • active queue scripts accounts for activity indicator in web-interface (rotating button);
    • new field “QueueScriptCount” in API-method “status” indicates number of queue-scripts queued for execution including the currently running;
  • new option "FeedX.Backlog" to control the RSS feed behavior when fetched for the first time or after changing of URL or filter (#73);
  • increased limit for log-entries in history dialog from 1000 to 10000;
  • completion tab of download details dialog (and history details dialog) shows per servers article completion in percents; now there are also tooltips to show article counts;
  • do not reporting bad blocks for missing files (which are already reported as missing);
  • new setting to set tray icon behavior on Windows (#59);
  • improvements in built-in web-server to fix communication errors which may occur on certain systems, in particular on OS X Safari (#77):
    • implemented graceful disconnect strategy in web-server;
    • added authorization via X-Auth-Token to overcome Safari’s bug, where it may stop sending HTTP Basic Auth header when executing ajax requests;
  • pp-script now supports new TLS/SSL mode “Force”. When active the secure communication with SMTP server is built using secure socket on connection level instead of plain connection and following switch
    into secure mode using SMTP-command “STARTLS”. This new mode is in particular required when using GMail on port 465 (#20);
  • speed improvement in built-in web-server on Windows when serving API requests (web-interface) for very large queue or history (with thousands items);
  • better performance when deleting many items from queue at once (hundreds or thousands);
  • improved performance in web-interface when working with very large queue or history (thousands of items);
  • fixes in Linux installer:
    • fixed: installer may show wrong IP-address in the quick help message printed after installation (thanks to @sanderjo) (#42);
    • fixed: installation failed on certain WD NAS models due to Busybox limitations;
    • fixed: not working endianness detection on mipseb architecture (#55);
    • fixed: unrar too slow on x86_64 architecture (#57);
  • fixed: reporting of bad blocks for empty files could print garbage file names;
  • fixed: par-check did not work on UNC paths (Windows only) (#74);
  • fixed: config error messages were not printed to log or screen but only to stdout, where users typically don’t see them (#61);
  • fixed: development version-revision were not shown in "Check for Updates"-dialog (#46);
  • fixed: incorrect reading of UrlStatus from diskstate (#70);
  • fixed: crash if an nzb contains only par2-files (bug introduced in v16);
  • fixed: total articles wasn't reset when downloading again (#69);
  • fixed: crash on reload if a queue-script is running (#71);
  • fixed: mark as bad may return items to queue if used on multiple items simultaneously (#67).
  • fixed: the program may hang during multithreading par-repair, only certain Linux system affected (#41);
  • fixed: active URL download could not be deleted (#33);
  • fixed: par-verification of repaired files were sometimes not skipped in quick verification mode (option "ParQuick=yes");
  • fixed: when parsing nzb-files filenames may be incorrectly detected causing certain downloads to fail (#45);
  • fixed: nzb-files containing very large individual files (many GB) may cause program to crash or print an error "Could not create file ..." (#52);
  • fixed: updating may fail if NZBGet was not installed on the system drive (Windows only) (#78);
  • fixed: when the program was started from setup the default directories were created with wrong permission (Windows only) (#95).
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