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nzbget 17.0-testing-r1660

Post by hugbug » 19 Mar 2016, 22:33

Changes since 16.4
  • reworked the full source code base to utilize modern C++ features (#88):
    • with the main motivation to make the code nicer and more fun to work with, this ensures further development of the program;
    • to compile NZBGet from source a compiler supporting C++14 is required, see Prerequisites for C++ compiler;
    • most users don't have to compile on their own and can use official installers offered on download page;
    • for a detailed list of internal changes see milestone Modern C++;
  • now offering an official installer for FreeBSD (#124):
    • automatic installation;
    • built-in update via web-interface;
    • currently supporting only x86_64 CPU architecture;
  • full support for Unicode and extra long file paths (more than 260 characters) on Windows (#136, #127, #91);
  • added support for tvdbid and tvmazeid in rss feeds (#132);
  • added button to save nzb-log into a file directly from web-ui (#108);
  • queue-scripts can now change destination after download is completed and before unpack (#162);
  • queue-scripts save messages into nzb-log (#163);
  • showing number of selected items in confirmation box when deleting or performing other actions on multiple items in web-interface (#98);
  • built-in web-server can now use certificate chain files through option “SecureCert”, when compiled using OpenSSL (#110);
  • allowing character “=“ in dupe-badges (#97);
  • par-check doesn't ignore files from option "ExtCleanupDisk" anymore; only files listed in option "ParIgnoreExt" are ignored (#147);
  • printing low-level messages from par2-module (as DETAIL) (#161);
  • option “ScriptDir” now accepts multiple directories (#181);
  • better error reporting when using GnuTLS (#120);
  • hidden files and directories are now ignored by the scanner of incoming nzb directory (#141);
  • improved error reporting on DNS lookup errors (#146);
  • fixed: wrong encoding in file names of downloaded files (#137);
  • fixed: queue-scripts not called for failed URLs if the scripts were set in category’s option “PostScript” (#171);
  • fixed: crash when executing command "--printconfig" (#174);
  • fixed: error messages when trying to delete intermediate directory on Windows (#180);
  • fixed: web-ui didn't load in Chrome on iOS (#178);
  • updated option descriptions (#158).
This release includes an incredible amount of code changes (#88) and is therefore recommended only for experienced NZBGet users. It's also recommended to make a backup of queue directory (option **QueueDir**) before updating.

This release provides backward compatibility with older queue disk state format. A downgrade to v16.4 is possible.

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