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nzbget 17.0 (stable) released

Post by hugbug » 27 Jul 2016, 17:46

Changes since 16.4
  • reworked the full source code base to utilize modern C++ features (#88):
    • with the main motivation to make the code nicer and more fun to work with;
    • to compile NZBGet from source a compiler supporting C++14 is required, see Prerequisites for C++ compiler;
    • most users don't have to compile on their own and can use official installers offered on download page;
    • for a detailed list of internal changes see milestone Modern C++;
  • now offering an official installer for FreeBSD (#124):
    • automatic installation;
    • built-in update via web-interface;
    • currently supporting only x86_64 CPU architecture;
  • full support for Unicode and extra long file paths (more than 260 characters) on Windows including (#136, #127, #91):
    • downloading;
    • par-verifcation and -repair;
    • par-rename (deobfuscation);
    • unpacking;
    • post-processing;
  • added download volume quota management (#99):
    • new options "MonthlyQuota", "QuotaStartDay", "DailyQuota";
    • downloading is suspended when the quota is reached and automatically resumed when the next billing period starts (month or day);
    • new fields in RPC-method "status": MonthSizeLo, MonthSizeHi, MonthSizeMB, DaySizeLo, DaySizeHi, DaySizeMB, QuotaReached. MonthSizes are related to current billing month taking option "QuotaStartDay" into account;
    • download volume for “this month” shown in web-interface in statistics dialog shows data for current billing month (taking option "QuotaStartDay" into account);
    • remaining time is shown in orange when the quota is reached;
    • dialog “statistics and status” may show extra row “Download quota: reached”;
  • new function "Retry failed articles" in history (#205):
    • failed downloads can be now tried again but in contrast to command "Download again" only failed articles are downloaded whereas successfully downloaded pieces are reused;
    • new command "HistoryRetryFailed" of RPC-method "editqueue";
    • new subcommand "F" of command line switch "-E/--edit" for history;
  • reworked behavior regarding deleting already downloaded files when deleting downloads from queue (#224):
    • in order to better work together with the new "Retry failed articles"-feature;
    • removed option "DeleteCleanupDisk";
    • in the "Delete downloads confirmation dialog" now allowing user to decide if the already downloaded files must be deleted or not;
    • option "HealthCheck" extended with new possible value "Park"; Health check now offers:
    • "Delete"
    • to move download into history and delete already downloaded files;
    • "Park"
    • to move download into history and keep already downloaded files;
    • remote command "GroupDelete" now always delete already downloaded files;
    • new remote command "GroupParkDelete" keeps already downloaded files;
    • new subcommand "DP" of console command "--edit/-E" to delete download from queue and keep already downloaded files;
  • added support for SNI in TLS/SSL (#223);
  • built-in web-server can now use certificate chain files through option "SecureCert", when compiled using OpenSSL (#110);
  • better error reporting when using GnuTLS (#120);
  • new option "ShellOverride" allows to configure path to python, bash, etc.; useful on systems with non-standard paths; eliminating the need to change shebang for every script; also makes it possible to put scripts on non-exec file systems (#107);
  • reduced disk fragmentation in direct write mode on Windows; this improves unpack speed (#195);
  • news servers can now be configured as optional; marking server as optional tells NZBGet to ignore this server if a connection to this server cannot be established (#155);
  • added several settings to change behavior of web-interface, new section "WEB-INTERFACE" on settings page (#206);
  • showing various status info in browser window title (#197):
    • number of downloads, current speed, remaining time, pause state;
    • new option "WindowTitle";
  • added support for "tvdbid" and "tvmazeid" in rss feeds (#132);
  • added button to save nzb-log into a file directly from web-ui (#108);
  • queue-scripts can now change destination after download is completed and before unpack (#162);
  • queue-scripts save messages into nzb-log (#163);
  • new queue script event "NZB_MARKED"; new env var "NZBNA_MARKSTATUS" is passed to queue scripts (#225);
  • showing number of selected items in confirmation box when deleting or performing other actions on multiple items in web-interface (#98);
  • allowing character “=“ in dupe-badges (#97);
  • par-check doesn't ignore files from option "ExtCleanupDisk" anymore; only files listed in option "ParIgnoreExt" are ignored (#147);
  • printing low-level messages from par2-module (as DETAIL) (#161);
  • option "ScriptDir" now accepts multiple directories (#181);
  • hidden files and directories are now ignored by the scanner of incoming nzb directory (#141);
  • improved error reporting on DNS lookup errors (#146);
  • improved POSIX configure script
  • now using pkg-config for all required libraries (#192);
  • improved Windows installer
  • scripts are now installed into a subdirectory of default "MainDir" (C:\ProgramData\NZBGet\scripts) instead of program's directory (#145);
  • separated disk state files for queue and history for better performance (#207);
  • automatically removing orphaned diskstate files from QueueDir (#121);
  • improved replacing of invalid characters in file names in certain cases (#209);
  • added support for file names with reserved words on Windows (#210);
  • improved tray icon (Windows) to look better on a dark background (#66);
  • feed scripts are now expected to return exit codes (#203);
  • fixed: splitted files were not always joined (#201);
  • path to original queued nzb-file is now passed to scripts (#231);
  • moved option "FeedX.Interval" upwards (#230);
  • fixed check for reserved characters in file names (Windows) (#227);
  • fixed: wrong encoding in file names of downloaded files (#137);
  • fixed: queue-scripts not called for failed URLs if the scripts were set in category’s option "PostScript" (#171);
  • fixed: crash when executing command "--printconfig" (#174);
  • fixed: error messages when trying to delete intermediate directory on Windows (#180);
  • fixed: web-ui didn't load in Chrome on iOS (#178);
  • text corrections in web-interface (#236);
  • updated option descriptions (#158, #212, #217, #218).
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