nzbget 17.1 (stable) released

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nzbget 17.1 (stable) released

Post by hugbug » 05 Sep 2016, 19:58

Changes since 17.0
  • adjustments and fixes for "Retry failed articles" function, better handling of certain corner cases (#253);
  • partial compatibility with gcc 4.8 (#256);
  • removed unnecessary debug logging to javascript console (#245);
  • improved error reporting on certain file operations (#136);
  • corrected option description (#162);
  • corrected text in history delete confirmation dialog (#224);
  • fixed performance issue on certain Windows systems (#251);
  • fixed: root drive paths on Windows could not be used (for example “NzbDir=N:\”) (#247);
  • fixed hanging after marking as BAD from queue script (#261);
  • fixed: old nzbget.exe was deleted even when installing into a new directory (Windows only) (#254);
  • fixed: compilation error if configured with unit tests but without par-module (#255);
  • fixed crash on malformed articles (#262);
  • fixed javascript error on Chrome for Linux (#86);
  • fixed compilation error if configured without TLS (#265).
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