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nzbget 18.0-testing-r1841

Post by hugbug » 20 Nov 2016, 21:46

Changes since 18.0-r1820
  • reordering download queue with drag and drop in web-interface (#301):
    • new actions “GroupMoveBefore” and “GroupMoveAfter” in API-method “editqueue”;
  • keyboard shortcuts in web-interface (#242):
    • see Keyboard shortcuts;
    • cache support in built-in nntp server (#279):
    • added compatibility with openssl 1.1.0 (#298);
    • removed parameter "offset" from api-method "editqueue" (#299):
      • when needed the “offset” is now passed within parameter “Args” as string;
      • old method signature is supported for compatibility;
    • splitted option "Retries" into "ArticleRetries" and "UrlRetries"; option "RetryInterval" into "ArticleInterval" and
      "UrlInterval" (#306);
    • scheduler tasks can be started at program launch (#304):
      • use asterisk as TaskX.Time;
    • graceful termination of scheduler scripts (#304):
      • scripts receive signal SIGINT (CTRL+BREAK on Windows) before termination;
    • disabled SSLv3 in built-in web-server (#295);
    • multiple recipients in the example pp-script “” (#309);
    • fixed incorrect renaming of archives containing directory entries (#288);
    • fixed: sorting of selected items may give wrong results (#300);
    • fixed: rar tests fail with TLS disabled (#303).
    Other changes since 17.1
    • automatic deobfuscation of rar-archives without par-files (#288):
      • obfuscated downloads not having par-files can now be successfully unpacked;
      • also helps with downloads where rar-files were obfuscated before creating par-files;
      • new options "RarRename" and “UnpackIgnoreExt”;
    • multi post-processing (#291):
      • in addition to classic post-processing strategy where items are processed one after another it is now possible to post-process multiple items at the same time;
      • new option "PostStrategy" to choose from four: sequential, balanced, aggressive, rocket;
      • in "balanced" strategy downloads needing repair do not block other items which are processed sequentially but simultaneously with repairing item;
      • in "aggressive" mode up to three items are post-processed at the same time and in "rocket" mode up to six items (including up to two repair tasks);
    • functional testing to ensure program quality (#279):
      • implemented built-in simple nntp server to be used for functional testing;
      • created a number of initial tests;
      • new features come with additional tests;
    • priorities are now displayed as a column instead of badge; that makes it possible to manually sort on priority (#286);
    • removed vertical lines in tables; looks better in combination with new priority column (#286);
    • additional options in "custom pause dialog" (#29, #278);
    • added support for nZEDb attributes in rss feeds (#275);
    • better cleanup handling: if parameter "unpack" is disabled for an nzb-file the cleanup isn't performed for it (#249);
    • fields containing passwords are now displayed as protected fields (#49, #260);
    • password-badge for nzbs with passwords (#274, #285);
    • improved API-method "append" in combination with duplicate check; method returns nzb-id also for items added straight to history (#284);
    • improved error reporting on feed parse errors (#281);
    • highlighting selected rows with alternative colors (#276 , #280);
    • splitted config section "Download Queue" and moved many options into new section “Connection”;
    • fixed TLS handshake error when using GnuTLS (#271).
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