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nzbget 19.0-testing-r1929

Post by hugbug » 01 Apr 2017, 20:08

Changes since 19.0-testing-r1914
  • extensions scripts can now be executed from settings page (#50):
    • script authors define custom buttons;
    • when clicked the script is executed in a special mode and obtain extra parameters;
    • example script ** extended with button "Send test e-mail";
    • for details see updated wiki-page Extension-scripts;
  • added support for ECC certificates in built-in web-server (#353);
  • save changes before performing actions in history dialog (#346);
  • added host name to all error messages regarding connection issues (#349);
  • fixed: changing category via drop-down in download list didn't change pp-parameters (#346);
  • fixed crash during download caused by a race condition (#356);
  • fixed possible crash at the end of post-processing (#347);
  • fixed: queue was not saved after deleting of queued post-jobs (#348);
  • fixed: sleep mode no longer worked on Windows (#350).
Other changes since 18.0
  • TLS certificate verification (#339):
    • when connecting to a news server (for downloading) or a web server (for fetching of rss feeds and nzb-files) the authenticity of the server is validated using server security certificate. If the check fails that means the connection cannot be trusted and must be closed with an error message explaining the security issue;
    • new options CertCheck and CertStore;
    • official NZBGet packages come with activated certificate check;
    • when updating from an older NZBGet version the option CertCheck will be automatically activated when the settings is saved (switch to Settings page in web-interface and click "Save all changed");
    • see for details;
  • authentication via form in web-interface as alternative to HTTP authentication (#330):
    • that must help with password tools having issues with HTTP authentication dialog;
    • new option FormAuth;
  • drop-downs (context menus) for priority, category and status columns (#346):
    • quicker changing of priority and category;
    • easier access to actions via drop-down (context menu) in status column;
  • improvements in RSS feed view in phone mode (#263);
  • set name, password and dupe info when adding via URL by click on a button near URL field in web-interface (#123);
  • backup-badge for items in history similar to downloads tab (#31);
  • proper exit code on client command success or failure (#23).
  • support for HTTP-header "X-Forwarded-For" in IP-logging (#331);
  • fixed "undefined" in reorder extension scripts (#338);
  • fixed compile error under gcc 4.8.
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