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nzbget 20.0-testing-r2190

Post by hugbug » 03 Jun 2018, 16:42

Changes since 20.0-testing-r2181
  • improved duplicate detection for obfuscated downloads having files with same subjects (#547);
  • direct rename and direct unpack are now active by default on new installations, except for slow Linux systems (#548);
  • added advice for letsencrypt in option descriptions (#546);
  • fixed: unrar and 7zip included with Linux installer could crash on newer Linux systems (#542);
  • fixed: queue performance optimisation may not work properly on Windows shutdown/logoff (#438);
  • fixed crash which could happen on Windows when reloading or terminating the program (#549);
  • fixed compilation error on GCC 7 for ARM (#550).

Other changes since 19.1
  • massive performance optimisations in downloader (#448):
    • improved CRC32 calculation (#446);
    • improved yEnc decoder (#450);
    • processing data in one pass;
    • SIMD implementation of decoder and CRC functions on x86 and ARM CPUs; SIMD code relies on node-yencode library by Anime Tosho (#454);
    • overall performance improvement up to +500% on x86 and +250% on ARM (better speed or less CPU usage);
    • for details see Benchmarks);
  • using glibc instead of uClibc in universal installer builds for Linux (#459):
    • this significantly improves performance (see benchmarks above);
    • compatibility with Android and other systems is hopefully also improved;
    • in universal installer glibc is used on x86 and ARM;
    • uClibc is still used on MIPS and PPC;
  • performance optimisations in web-interface (#421):
    • reduced number of requests when loading webui by combining all javascript-files into one and all css-files into one;
    • reduced load time by calling multiple API-methods simultaneously;
    • extensive use of browser caching for static files significantly reduces the amount of data transferred on webui initialisation;
    • extensive use of browser caching for API requests reduces the amount of data transferred during webui status updates, especially when nzbget is in idle state and there are no changes in download queue or history;
    • avoid work in browser on status updates if there are no changes in download queue or history;
    • support for keep alive connections significantly reduces overhead for establishing connections on webui status updates, especially when connecting to nzbget via TLS/SSL (avoiding TLS handshakes);
  • a number of performance optimisations for large download queue with thousands of items (#438):
    • much faster loading of queue from disk greatly improves program start up time;
    • improved queue management for faster download speed;
  • now offering 64 bit binaries for Windows (#435):
    • installer includes 32 and 64 bit nzbget binaries;
    • when updating from older versions the 64 bit binary is installed automatically, although into the old location to keep all your shortcuts intact;
    • using word "windows" instead of "win32" in the setup file name;
  • automatic update check (#440):
    • new option "UpdateCheck" to check for stable or testing versions (or disable);
    • when a new version is found a notification is shown;
    • the update check is enabled by default for stable versions;
  • significantly improved logging performance, especially in debug builds (#466);
  • par-check prints par2 creator application to help identify creator app issues (#467);
  • added support for Unix domain sockets (POSIX only) (#400);
  • better error handling when fetching rss feeds (#416);
  • updated POSIX build files to newer autotools version (#418):
    • compatibility with newer autotools;
    • compatibility with newer platforms such as aarch64;
  • enabled functional tests on Travis CI (#443);
  • better username/password validation when testing connection on settings page (#433);
  • improved rar-renamer to better handle certain cases (#442);
  • new option "SkipWrite" for easier speed tests;
  • support for redirect codes 303, 307 and 308 in web-client for fetching of rss feeds and nzb-files (#420);
  • installer for FreeBSD is now built using Clang instead of GCC; this fixes incompatibility with FreeBSD 11 (#425):
  • universal Linux installer can now be used on FreeBSD (via Linux compatibility mode) (#423);
  • updated unrar to v5.50;
  • more robust news server connection test (#471);
  • enhancements in NServ:
  • memory cache to reduce disk load during speed tests - new command line switch “-m” (#448);
  • speed control - new command line switches “-w“ and “-r” (#451);
  • changed default location of log-file (#455);
  • better handling of broken connections (#460);
  • removed obsolete or less useful options "SaveQueue", "ReloadQueue", "TerminateTimeout", "AccurateRate", "BrokenLog" (#461);
  • renamed option "LogBufferSize" to "LogBuffer" (#461);
  • passwords of failed login attempts are no longer printed to log to improve security (#496);
  • cookies in web interface are now saved with "httpOnly" attribute to improve security (#485);
  • titles and duplicates keys in duplicate check are now case insensitive (#477);
  • added LibreSSL support (#497);
  • web interface now has a better icon for favorites or home screen of mobile devices (#483);
  • show IP address of incoming connection in NServ (#536);
  • fixed incorrect renaming in rar-renamer which could cause some downloads to fail (#509);
  • fixed race condition in queue script coordinator which could cause crashes (#501);
  • fixed: post-processing parameters were sometimes case sensitive causing issues (#498);
  • fixed DNS resolving issues on Android (#468);
  • fixed: backup servers not used on certain article decoding errors (#462);
  • fixed: when direct rename was active certain downloads with damaged par2-files become paused at near completion and required manual resuming (#424);
  • fixed: crash when flushing article cache after direct rename (#529);
  • fixed: deleting active par-job may crash the program (#527);
  • fixed: tests may fail on Windows due to locked files (#528);
  • fixed: unpack using password file doesn't work on Windows (#412);
  • fixed: compiler error when building using GnuTLS (#414);
  • fixed: Linux installer failure on android emulator (#417);
  • fixed: options formatted as password fields when they shouldn't (#426);
  • fixed: slightly off article statistics after direct rename (#430);
  • fixed: NServ terminated if client interrupted connection (#431);
  • fixed: example pp-scripts may not work properly if nzbget password or username contained special characters (#452, #453);
  • fix in functional tests to not rely on sizes of externally generated files (#437);
  • fixed: option AuthorizedIP did not work with IPv6 addresses (#439);
  • fixed crash on certain malformed articles (#533);
  • fixed logging of IPv6 addresses (#534).

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