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Post by hugbug » 15 Nov 2008, 16:26

Changes since 0.6.0-r237:
  • added option <DeleteCleanupDisk> to automatically delete already downloaded files from disk if nzb-file was deleted from queue (the download was cancelled);
  • added special meaning for extension <.nzb_processed> for files in incoming directory; those files are now not passed to nzbprocess-script;
  • extended the communication between nzbget and post-process-script: collections are now detected even if parcheck is disabled;
  • added support for delayed par-check/repair: post-process-script can request par-check/repair using special exit codes to repair current collection or all collections;
  • added new subcommand <M> to edit-command <E> for merging of two (or more) groups (useful after adding pars from a separate nzb-file);
  • added option <MergeNzb> to automatically merge nzb-files with the same filename (useful by adding pars from a different source);
  • added option <ParTimeLimit> to define the max time allowed for par-repair;
  • added workaround to avoid hangs in child processes (by starting of postprocess or nzbprocess), observed on uClibC based systems;
  • added command <--scan/-S> to execute the scan of nzb-directory on remote server;
  • removed trailing slash in directory name passed to nzbprocess-script (to be similar to postprocess-script).
Changes since 0.5.1
  • added scheduler;
  • new options <TaskX.Time>, <TaskX.WeekDays>, <TaskX.Command> and <TaskX.DownloadRate>;
  • added script-processing of files in incoming directory to allow automatic unpacking and queueing of compressed nzb-files;
  • new options <NzbProcess> and <NzbLogKind>;
  • fixed: files downloaded with disabled decoder (option decode=no) sometimes were malformed and could not be decoded;
  • fixed: empty string parameters did not always work in XML-RPC.
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