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Subversion URL has been changed

Posted: 02 Jun 2013, 20:59
by hugbug
Sourceforge is updating the projects to new forge platform.
The subversion repository URL has been changed.

Old repository:
New repository:

The command to get the latest version:

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svn co nzbget-svn
The old repository still exists but was put to read only.

The history of commits is now available on this URL:
Important: when you click on link it redirects to an URL with the latest revision, for example: If you bookmark the redirected URL you will see only commits up to the revision in the URL. Make sure you use the correct URL without revision number!
Another problem with the commit history is that the commit messages are sometimes not displayed correctly. In particular the text between "<" and ">" characters is removed. I will not use these characters anymore until the bug is fixed but you should know that commit messages up to r697 are not displayed correctly. To see the correct log use command "svn log" or the old repository viewer (it can be shutdown anytime though).