nzbget 11.0 (stable) released

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nzbget 11.0 (stable) released

Post by hugbug » 01 Jul 2013, 20:24

nzbget 11.0

Changes since nzbget 10.2
  • reworked concept of post-processing scripts:
    • multiple scripts can be assigned to each nzb-file;
    • all assigned scripts are executed after the nzb-file is downloaded and internally processed (unpack, repair);
    • option <PostProcess> is obsolete;
    • new option <ScriptDir> sets directory where all pp-scripts must be stored;
    • new option <DefScript> sets the default list of pp-scripts to be assigned to nzb-file when it's added to queue;
    • new option <CategoryX.DefScript> to set the default list of pp-scripts on a category basis;
    • the execution order of pp-scripts can be set using new option <ScriptOrder>;
    • there are no separate configuration files for pp-scripts;
    • configuration options and pp-parameters are defined in the pp-scripts;
    • script configuration options are saved in nzbget configuration file (nzbget.conf);
    • changed parameters list of RPC-methods <loadconfig> and <saveconfig>;
    • new RPC-method <configtemplates> returns configuration descriptions for the program and for all pp-scripts;
    • configuration of all scripts can be done in web-interface;
    • the pp-scripts assigned to a particular nzb-file can be viewed and changed in web-interface on page <pp-parameters> in the edit download dialog;
    • option <PostPauseQueue> renamed to <ScriptPauseQueue> (the old name is still recognized);
    • new option <ConfigTemplate> to define the location of template configuration file (in previous versions it must be always stored in <WebDir>);
    • history dialog shows status of every script;
    • for details see topic Introducing new post-processing scripts concept;
  • the old example post-processing script replaced with two new scripts:
    • - sends E-Mail notification;
    • - saves the full post-processing log of the job into file _postprocesslog.txt;
    • both pp-scripts are written in python and work on Windows too (in addition to Linux, Mac, etc.);
  • added possibility to set post-processing parameters for history items:
    • pp-parameters can now be viewed and changed in history dialog in web-interface;
    • useful before post-processing again;
    • new action <HistorySetParameter> in RPC-method <editqueue>;
    • new action <O> in remote command <--edit/-E> for history items (subcommand <H>);
  • added new feature <split download> which creates new download from selected files of source download;
    • new command <Split> in web-interface in edit download dialog on page <Files>;
    • new action <S> in remote command <--edit/-E>;
    • new action <FileSplit> in JSON-/XML-RPC method <editqueue>;
  • added support for manual par-check:
    • if option <ParCheck> is set to <Manual> and a damaged download is detected the program downloads all par2-files but doesn't perform par-check; the user must perform par-check/repair manually then (possibly on another, faster computer);
    • old values <yes/no> of option <ParCheck> renamed to <Force> and <Auto> respectively;
    • when set to <Force> all par2-files are always downloaded;
    • removed option <LoadPars> since its functionality is now covered by option <ParCheck>;
    • result of par-check can now have new value <Manual repair necessary>;
    • field <ParStatus> in RPC-method <history> can have new value <MANUAL>;
    • parameter <NZBPP_PARSTATUS> for pp-script can have new value <4 = manual repair necessary>;
  • when download is resumed in web-interface the option <ParCheck=Force> is respected and all par2-files are resumed (not only main par2-file);
  • automatic deletion of backup-source files after successful par-repair; important when repairing renamed rar-files since this could cause failure during unpack;
  • par-checker and renamer now add messages into the log of pp-item (like unpack- and pp-scripts-messages); these message now appear in the log created by scripts and;
  • when a nzb-file is added via web-interface or via remote call the file is now put into incoming nzb-directory (option "NzbDir") and then scanned; this has two advantages over the old behavior when the file was parsed directly in memory:
    • the file serves as a backup for troubleshootings;
    • the file is processed by nzbprocess-script (if defined in option "NzbProcess") making the pre-processing much easier;
  • new env-var parameters are passed to NzbProcess-script: NZBNP_NZBNAME, NZBNP_CATEGORY, NZBNP_PRIORITY, NZBNP_TOP, NZBNP_PAUSED;
  • new commands for use in NzbProcess-scripts: "[NZB] TOP=1" to add nzb to the top of queue and "[NZB] PAUSED=1" to add nzb-file in paused state;
  • reworked post-processor queue:
    • only one job is created for each nzb-file; no more separate jobs are created for par-collections within one nzb-file;
    • option <AllowReProcess> removed; a post-processing script is called only once per nzb-file, this behavior cannot be altered anymore;
    • with a new feature <Split> individual par-collections can be processed separately in a more effective way than before
  • improved unicode (utf8) support:
    • non-ascii characters are now correctly transferred via JSON-RPC;
    • correct displaying of nzb-names and paths in web-interface;
    • it is now possible to use non-ascii characters on settings page for option values (such as paths or category names);
    • improved unicode support in XML-RPC and JSON-RPC;
  • if username and password are defined for a news-server the authentication is now forced (in previous versions the authentication was performed only if requested by server); needed for servers supporting both anonymous (restricted) and authorized (full access) accounts;
  • added option <ExtCleanupDisk> to automatically delete unwanted files (with specified extensions or names) after successful par-check or unpack;
  • improvement in JSON-/XML-RPC:
    • all ID fields including NZBID are now persistent and remain their values after restart;
    • this allows for third-party software to identify nzb-files by ID;
    • method <history> now returns ID of NZB-file in the field <NZBID>;
    • in versions up to 0.8.0 the field <NZBID> was used to identify history items in the edit-commands <HistoryDelete>, <HistoryReturn>, <HistoryProcess>; since version 9 field <ID> is used for this purpose; in versions 9-10 field <NZBID> still existed and had the same value as field <ID> for compatibility with version 0.8.0; the compatibility is not provided anymore; this change was needed to provide a consistent using of field <NZBID> across all RPC-methods;
  • added support for rar-files with non-standard extensions (such as .001, etc.);
  • added functions to backup and restore settings from web-interface; when restoring it's possible to choose what sections to restore (for example only news servers settings or only settings of a certain pp-script) or restore the whole configuration;
  • new option "ControlUsername" to define login user name (if you don't like default username "nzbget");
  • if a communication error occurs in web-interface, it retries multiple times before giving up with an error message;
  • the maximum number of download threads are now managed automatically taking into account the number of allowed connections to news servers; removed option <ThreadLimit>;
  • pp-scripts terminated with unknown status are now considered failed (status=FAILURE instead of status=UNKNOWN);
  • new parameter (env. var) <NZBPP_NZBID> is passed to pp_scripts and contains an internal ID of NZB-file;
  • improved thread synchronisation to avoid (short-time) lockings of the program during creation of destination files;
  • more detailed error message if a directory could not be created (<DstDir>, <NzbDir>, etc.); the message includes error text reported by OS such as <permission denied> or similar;
  • when unpacking the unpack start time is now measured after receiving of unrar copyright message; this provides better unpack time estimation in a case when user uses unpack-script to do some things before executing unrar (for example sending Wake-On-Lan message to the destination NAS); it works with unrar only, it's not possible with 7-Zip because it buffers printed messages;
  • when the program is reloaded, a message with version number is printed like on start;
  • configuration can now be saved in web-interface even if there were no changes made but if obsolete or invalid options were detected in the config file; the saving removes invalid entries from config file;
  • option <ControlPassword> can now be set to en empty value to disable authentication; useful if nzbget works behind other web-server with its own authentication;
  • when deleting downloads via web-interface a proper hint regarding deleting of already downloaded files from disk depending on option <DeleteCleanupDisk> is displayed;
  • if a news-server returns empty or bad article (this may be caused by errors on the news server), the program tries again from the same or other servers (in previous versions the article was marked as failed without other download attempts);
  • when a nzb-file whose name ends with ".queued" is added via web-interface the ".queued"-part is automatically removed;
  • small improvement in multithread synchronization of download queue;
  • added link to catalog of pp-scripts to web-interface;
  • updated forum URL in about dialog in web-interface;
  • small correction in a log-message: removed <Request:> from message <Request: Queue collection...>;
  • removed option "ProcessLogKind"; scripts should use prefixes ([INFO], [DETAIL], etc); messages printed without prefixes are added as [INFO];
  • removed option "AppendNzbDir"; if it was disabled that caused problems in par-checker and unpacker; the option is now assumed always active;
  • removed option "RenameBroken"; it caused problems in par-checker (the option existed since early program versions before the par-check was added);
  • configure-script now defines "SIGCHLD_HANDLER" by default on all systems including BSD; this eliminates the need of configure-parameter "--enable-sigchld-handler" on 64-Bit BSD; the trade-off: 32-Bit BSD now requires "--disable-sigchld-handler";
  • improved configure-script: defining of symbol "FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64", required on some systems, is not necessary anymore;
  • fixed: in the option "NzbAddedProcess" the env-var parameter with nzb-name was passed in "NZBNA_NAME", should be "NZBNA_NZBNAME"; the old parameter name "NZBNA_NAME" is still supported for compatibility;
  • fixed: download time in statistics were incorrect if the computer was put into standby (thanks Frank Kuypers for the patch);
  • fixed: when option <InterDir> was active and the download after unpack contained rar-file with the same name as one of original files (sometimes happen with included subtitles) the original rar-file was kept with name <.rar_duplicate1> even if the option <UnpackCleanupDisk> was active;
  • fixed: failed to read download queue from disk if post-processing queue was not empty;
  • fixed: when a duplicate file was detected during download the program could hang;
  • fixed: symbol <DISABLE_TLS> must be defined in project settings; defining it in <win32.h> didn't work properly (Windows only);
  • fixed: crash when adding malformed nzb-files with certain structure (Windows only);
  • fixed: by deleting of a partially downloaded nzb-file from queue, when the option <DeleteCleanupDisk> was active, the file <_brokenlog.txt> was not deleted preventing the directory from automatic deletion;
  • fixed: if an error occurs when a RPC-client or web-browser communicates with nzbget the program could crash;
  • fixed: if the last file of collection was detected as duplicate after the download of the first article the file was deleted from queue (that's OK) but the post-processing was not triggered (that's a bug);
  • fixed: support for splitted files (.001, .002, etc.) were broken.
Changes since nzbget 11.0-testing-r715 (latest testing version)
  • removed a superfluous page scroll after clicking on option in web-interface settings;
Upgrade from 10.2 or older versions
  • If you use a third-party post-processing script (not the default script supplied with NZBGet), please make sure the author of the script has updated it for NZBGet 11. Check Catalog of post-processing scripts;
  • After upgrade the downloads in queue will not have any pp-scripts assigned to them. You need to manually open every download and assign the scripts on page <PP-Parameters>. If you have a large queue it might be easier to remove all items and readd them to automatically assign scripts according to option <DefScript> (which you should of course configure first).
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