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nzbget 12.0-testing-r859

Post by hugbug » 03 Oct 2013, 11:11

nzbget 12.0-testing-r859

This release has a bug preventing loading of disk state (queue and history) created with previous versions. Do not install this release if you upgrade. A bug fix will be available soon.

Changes since nzbget 12.0-testing-r808
  • added smart duplicates feature:
    • mostly for use with RSS feeds;
    • automatic detection of duplicate nzb-files to avoid download of duplicates;
    • nzb-files can be also manually marked as duplicates;
    • if download fails - automatically choose another release (duplicate);
    • if download succeeds all remaining duplicates are removed from queue;
    • download items have new properties to tune duplicate handling behavior: duplicate key, duplicate score and duplicate mode;
    • extended RSS filter syntax with new options for rules "Accept" and "Options": dupekey, dupekey+, dupescore, dupescore+, dupemode, series, rageid, priority+;
    • option values in RSS filter command "Options" can now refer to pattern groups in search string;
    • extended word/substring search in RSS feed filters with pattern character "#" which matches one digit;
    • added new search fields to RSS feed filter: imdbid, priority, dupekey and dupescore;
    • if download was deleted by duplicate check its status in the history is shown as "DUPE";
    • new actions "GroupMarkDupe", "GroupSetDupeKey", "GroupSetDupeScore", "GroupSetDupeMode", "HistorySetDupeKey", "HistorySetDupeScore", "HistorySetDupeMode", "HistoryMarkBad" and "HistoryMarkGood" of RPC-command "editqueue"; new subcommand "DM" of command "--edit/-E" to manually mark duplicates; new actions "B" and "G" of command "--edit/-E" for history items (subcommand "H");
    • RPC-commands "listgroups", "postqueue" and "history" now return more info about nzb-item (many new fields);
    • removed option "MergeNzb" because it conflicts with duplicate handling, items can be merged manually if necessary;
    • automatic detection of exactly same nzb-files (same content) coming from different sources (different RSS feeds etc.); individual files (inside nzb-file) having extensions listed in option "ExtCleanupDisk" are now excluded from content comparison (unless these are par2-files, which are never excluded);
    • when history item expires (as defined by option "KeepHistory") and the duplicate check is active (option "DupeCheck") the item is not completely deleted from history; instead the amount of stored data reduces to minimum required for duplicate check (about 200 bytes vs 2000 bytes for full history item);
    • such old history items are not shown in web-interface by default (to avoid transferring of large amount of history items);
    • new button "Old" in web-interface to show old history items; the items are marked with badge "DUP";
    • added functions "Mark as Bad" and "Mark as Good" for history items;
    • duplicate properties (dupekey, dupescore and dupemode) can now be viewed and changed in download-edit-dialog and history-edit-dialog via new command "Duplicate properties" in actions menu;
    • for full documentation see;
  • extended add-dialog with options "Add paused" and "Disable duplicate check";
  • source nzb-files are now deleted when download-item leaves queue and history (option "NzbCleanupDisk");
  • added OR-operator and groups (braces) to RSS filter syntax;
  • failed article downloads are now logged as "detail" instead of "warning" to reduce number of warnings for downloads removed from server (DMCA); one warning is printed for a file with a summary of number of failed downloads for the file;
  • tuned algorithm calculating maximum threads limit to allow more threads for backup server connections (related to option "TreadLimit" removed in v11); this may sometimes increase speed when backup servers were used;
  • by adding nzb-file to queue via RPC-methods "append" and "appendurl" the actual format of the file is checked and if nzb-format is detected the file is added even if it does not have .nzb extension;
  • fixed: space character was not separator in word search mode in RSS filter;
  • fixed: incorrect health calculation for downloads consisting of only par-files;
  • fixed compiler errors when configured with switch "--disable-parcheck";
  • fixed: passwords containing special characters such as TAB were not properly read from nzb-files metatag;
Other changes since nzbget 11.0
  • added RSS feeds support:
    • new options "FeedX.Name", "FeedX.URL", "FeedX.Filter", "FeedX.Interval", "FeedX.PauseNzb", "FeedX.Category", "FeedX.Priority" (section "Rss Feeds");
    • new option "FeedHistory" (section "Download Queue");
    • button "Preview Feed" on settings tab near each feed definition;
    • new toolbar button "Feeds" on downloads tab with menu to view feeds or fetch new nzbs from all feeds (the button is visible only if there are feeds defined in settings);
    • new dialog to see feed content showing status of each item (new, fetched, backlog) with ability to manually fetch selected items;
    • powerful filters for RSS feeds;
    • new dialog to build filters in web-interface with instant preview;
  • added download health monitoring:
    • health indicates download status, whether the file is damaged and how much;
    • 100% health means no download errors occurred; 0% means all articles failed;
    • there is also a critical health which is calculated for each nzb-file based on number and size of par-files;
    • if during download the health goes down below 100% a health badge appears near download name indicating the necessity of par-repair; the indicator can be orange (repair may be possible) or red (unrepairable) if the health goes down below critical health;
    • new option "HealthCheck" to define what to do with unhealthy (unrepairable) downloads (pause, delete, none);
    • health and critical health are displayed in download-edit dialog; health is displayed in history dialog; if download was aborted (HealthCheck=delete) this is indicated in history dialog;
    • health allows to determine download status for downloads which have unpack and/or par-check disabled; for such downloads the status in history is shown based on health: success (health=100%), damaged (health > critical) or failure (health < critical);
    • par-check is now automatically started for downloads having health below 100%; this works independently of unpack (even if unpack is disabled);
    • for downloads having health less than critical health no par-check is performed (it would fail); Instead the par-check status is set to "failure" automatically saving time of actual par-check;
    • new fields "Health" and "CriticalHealth" are returned by RPC-Method "listgroups";
    • new fields "Health", "CriticalHealth", "Deleted" and "HealthDeleted" are returned by RPC-Method "history";
    • new parameters "NZBPP_HEALTH" and "NZBPP_CRITICALHEALTH" are passed to pp-scripts;
  • added collecting of server usage statistical data for each download:
    • number of successful and failed article downloads per news server;
    • new page in history dialog shows collected statistics;
    • new fields in RPC-method "history": ServerStats (array), TotalArticles, SuccessArticles, FailedArticles;
    • also new env.var HEALTHDELETED;
  • created - NZBGet is now a user friendly Mac OSX application with easy installation and seamless integration into OS UI: works in background, is controlled from a web-browser, few important functions are accessible via menubar icon;
  • better Windows package:
    • unrar is included;
    • several options are set to better defaults;
    • all paths are set as relative paths to program directory; the program can be started after installation without editing anything in config;
    • included two new batch-files:
      • nzbget-start.bat - starts program in normal mode (dos box);
      • nzbget-recovery-mode.bat - starts with empty password (dos box);
      • both batch files open browser window with correct address;
    • config-file template is stored in nzbget.conf.template;
    • nzbget.conf is not included in the package. When the program is started for the first time (using one of batch files) the template config file is copied into nzbget.conf;
    • updates will be easy in the future: to update the program all files from newer archive must be extracted over old files. Since the archive doesn't have nzbget.conf, the existing config is kept unmodified. The template config file will be updated;
    • added file README-WINDOWS.txt with small instructions;
    • version string now includes revisions number (like "r789");
  • news servers can now be temporarily disabled via speed limit dialog without reloading of the program:
    • new option "ServerX.Active" to disable servers via settings;
    • new option "ServerX.Name" to use for logging and in UI;
  • changed the way how option "Unpack" works:
    • instead of enabling/disabling the unpacker as a whole, it now defines the initial value of post-processing parameter "Unpack" for nzb-file when it is added to queue;
    • this makes it now possible to disable Unpack globally but still enable it for selected nzb-files;
    • new option "CategoryX.Unpack" to set unpack on a per category basis;
  • combined all footer buttons into one button "Actions" with menu:
    • in download-edit-dialog: "Pause/Resume", "Delete" and "Cancel Post-Processing";
    • in history-dialog: "Delete", "Post-Process Again" and "Download Remaining Files (Return to Queue)";
  • DirectNZB headers X-DNZB-MoreInfo, X-DNZB-Report and X-DNZB-Details are now processed when downloading URLs and the links "More Info", "Details" and "Report This NZB" are shown in download-edit-dialog and in history-dialog in Actions menu;
  • program can now be stopped via web-interface: new button "shutdown" in section "SYSTEM";
  • added menu "View" to settings page which allows to switch to "Compact Mode" when option descriptions are hidden;
  • added confirmation dialog by leaving settings page if there are unsaved changes;
  • downloads manually deleted from queue are shown with status "deleted" in the history (instead of "unknown");
  • all table columns except "Name" now have fixed widths to avoid annoying layout changes especially during post-processing when long status messages are displayed in the name-column;
  • added filter buttons to messages tab (info, warning, etc.); also changed the color of filter buttons in feed view and feed filter dialogs (from blue to black);
  • added automatic par-renaming of extracted files if archive includes par-files;
  • added support for http redirects when fetching URLs;
  • download queue is now saved in a more safe way to avoid potential loss of queue if the program crashes during saving of queue;
  • destination directory for option "CategoryX.DestDir" is not checked/created on program start anymore (only when a download starts for that category); this helps when certain categories are configured for external disks, which are not always connected;
  • added new option "CategoryX.Aliases" to configure category name matching with nzb-sites; especially useful with rss feeds;
  • in RPC-Method "appendurl" parameter "addtop" adds nzb to the top of the main download queue (not only to the top of the URL queue);
  • new logo (thanks to dogzipp for the logo);
  • added support for metatag "password" in nzb-files;
  • pp-scripts which move files can now inform the program about new location by printing text "[NZB] FINALDIR=/path/to/files"; the final path is then shown in history dialog instead of download path;
  • added new option "AuthorizedIP" to set the list of IP-addresses which may connect without authorization;
  • new option "ParRename" to force par-renaming as a first post-processing step (active by default); this saves an unpack attempt and is even more useful if unpack is disabled;
  • new env-var "NZBPP_FINALDIR" passed to pp-scripts;
  • pp-scripts can now set post-processing parameters by printing command "[NZB] NZBPR_varname=value"; this allows scripts which are executed sooner to pass data for scripts executed later;
  • updated support for DNZB-Headers: removed "X-DNZB-Link", added "X-DNZB-Details";
  • post-processing progress label is now automatically trimmed if it doesn't fill into one line; this avoids layout breaking if the text is too long;
  • reversed the order of priorities in comboboxes in dialogs: the highest priority - at the top, the lowest - at the bottom;
  • small changes in button captions: edit dialogs called from settings page (choose script, choose order, build rss filter) now have buttons "Discard/Apply" instead of "Close/Save"; in all other dialogs button "Close" renamed to "Cancel" unless it was the only button in dialog;
  • small change in css: slightly reduced the max height of modal dialogs to better work on notebooks;
  • options "DeleteCleanupDisk" and "NzbCleanupDisk" are now active by default (in the example config file);
  • fixed: crash after downloading of an URL (happen only on certain systems);
  • fixed: restoring of settings didn't work for multi-sections (servers, categories, etc.) if they were empty;
  • fixed: choosing local files didn't work in Opera;
  • fixed: certain characters printed by pp-scripts could crash the program;
  • fixed: malformed nzb-file could cause a memory leak;
  • fixed: when a duplicate file was detected in collection it was automatically deleted (if option DupeCheck is active) but the total size of collection was not updated;
  • when deleting individual files the total count of files in collection was not updated;
  • fixed: when multiple nzb-files were added via URL (rss including) at the same time the info about category and priority could get lost for some of files;
  • fixed: final directory were not properly shown (Windows only);
  • fixed scrolling to the top of page happening by clicking on items in downloads/history lists and on action-buttons in edit-download and history dialogs;
  • fixed potential buffer overflow in remote client.
Download link
Documentation on Smart Duplicates

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Posts: 7539
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Re: nzbget 12.0-testing-r859

Post by hugbug » 03 Oct 2013, 14:27

hugbug wrote:This release has a bug preventing loading of disk state (queue and history) created with previous versions. Do not install this release if you upgrade. A bug fix will be available soon.
Fixed in r860.


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