[Scan-Script] Add packed nzb-files to queue

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Re: [Scan-Script] Add packed nzb-files to queue

Post by bakker_be » 20 Apr 2020, 07:48

I just downloaded and installed this script (NZBGet 19.1 running on Ubuntu LTS 18.04). It does what it says on the box: unpacking packed nzb's. I do have 1 issue though: it seems to treat all downloads as being encrypted, by writing "None" in the postprocessing password box. See screenshots below.
Is this expected behaviour or operator error somehow?

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Re: [Scan-Script] Add packed nzb-files to queue

Post by prinz2311 » 21 Apr 2020, 00:48

That None as password was a bug introduced by PR merges a few days ago. Pushed a fix, only to set Password if any is given.

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Re: [Scan-Script] Add packed nzb-files to queue

Post by Xtrips » 04 Jun 2021, 08:22

I am a bit lost here.
So what is the latest working script?
How do I download it into my configuration?
I am new to nzbget, please be patient.

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Re: [Scan-Script] Add packed nzb-files to queue

Post by ceevee » 12 Nov 2023, 19:29

Is there anyway to add support for nzb files packed with .7z?

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