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[PP-Script] AutoRemote

Post by Nedle » 22 Aug 2014, 14:25

AutoRemote is a plugin for the popular android app Tasker. It allows you to send messages between android devices, computers, chrome instances and more.
You can also send notifications to your Phone/Tablet chrome using it, thus it seems perfect for a PP-script.
As AutoRemote is a plugin for tasker you can also use the information you send to it to create your own widget/scene/popup/whatever on your Phone.
For example this is what I am using: image link

It is written on Android but should work on any device which can run a bash script. Script can be found here:


So far not too many options, you have to specify your key in the options. You can also specify a prefix which which will be added to all AutoRemote messages so they can be caught in tasker.
It will:
- Send an AR message on a succesful download.
- Send an AR message and an AR notification on an unsuccessful download.

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