[PP-Script / Queue-Script] Notifications (All In One)

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Re: [PP-Script / Queue-Script] Notifications (All In One)

Post by Krocko » 22 Nov 2019, 20:55

Thank you very much!
This is working.

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Re: [PP-Script / Queue-Script] Notifications (All In One)

Post by morback » 26 Jan 2020, 09:37


I'm struggling here to make this script working again! Actually I achieved to make everything work (all my scripts with NZBGet) with my docker container which was created from the docker Synology package.

Once I updated my script to 0.9.3 I could install the requirements.txt but I honestly don't remember exactly which steps I did.

The thing is in the meantime I set up an ouroboros docker contaner to update my other containers. It updated my NZBGet container successfully but since then notify doesn't work anymore. I think it's normal as the container has been recreated from scrath (excluded the maindir) so the requirements are not there anymore.

But I'm pretty sure last time I could directly do everything from the docker app on my NAS : NZBGet container>Details>Terrminal from wherre I could first install pip module, then requirements.txt.

And now, this tab says "socket closed" and I can't access my container's terminal anymore. Is there another way to make it work? (aside from creating another container from scratch with the right lines in the docker-compose file by instance, as I don't master it enough for now)

Thanks in advance :)

EDIT : Nevermind, I just understood what was happening. I use to access my Diskstation manager interface from my reverse proxy, and it simply prevents me to use the docker terminal... I just had to access it from my local IP address. I'll let this here, as it may help others.

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Re: [PP-Script / Queue-Script] Notifications (All In One)

Post by Merlincool » 04 Feb 2020, 07:29

I am really not into linux. I am learning it since 1 year. I created bash script and gave it initiation from post-processing-script. My script runs well and it's mega upload script.

I know there is something left to add my script at end, I have read that I need to add lines for postprocess complete 93,94,95. I tried various combination and was not successful.

Basically I have set up rclone to transfer files to my mega account immediately. For seasons also I add epsiodes (I don't pull season packs but each episode individual) in a queue and pull them into one folder with help of video_sort script to rename and take it in sequence one after another.

I get PP-failure, which I wish to convert in sucessful upload or whatever. What lines I am suppose to add?

EDIT: Got solution and added

Code: Select all

# Exit codes used by NZBGet

exit 93 

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