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[PP-Script / Queue-Script] Notifications (All In One)

Post by l2g » 25 Nov 2014, 02:13

I'm not out to compete with the other great notification scripts that others have made. Their's are much less complex then this one. I just thought it would be easier to migrate all notification services into one plugin.

It also utilizes the pynzbget I wrote which simplifies NZBGet script development.

Notify NZBGet Script Details
Author: Chris Caron <lead2gold@gmail.com>
Current Version: 0.7.0
Release Date: Oct 29th, 2017
License: GPLv2
Source: GitHub / Direct Download Link

  • Oct 29th, 2017 Update (v0.7.0):
    • Another small bug fix for MatterMost Notifications users (affects only SABnzbd users)
    • Added Support for Pushjet
    • Added Support for Twitter DM
    • Small bugfix causing Notify script to truncate userid fixed.
    • Better support for Microsoft users
  • Jul 9th, 2017 Update (v0.6.1):
    • Small bug fix for MatterMost Notifications users.
    • Inline Configuration Check (users can test their settings now right from the NZB-Get configuration page)!
  • Jul 5th, 2017 Update (v0.6.0):
  • Jan 23rd, 2017 Update (v0.5.6):
    Minor release just applying a few outstanding bug fixes.
  • Sep 20th, 2016 Update (v0.5.5):
    Minor release adding:
  • Aug 5th, 2016 Update (v0.5.0):
    New release which adds 2 new notification services
  • July 19th, 2016 Update (v0.4.0): Minor release that just added support for SABnzbd.
So far this notification script supports: How does it work
It's pretty simple, you just use space and/or comma to delimit your servers you want to notify. Specify as many as you want and have as many notifications sent as you need.
The syntax works as follows:
  • service://user@host:port
  • service://password@host:port
  • service://user:password@host:port
  • service://host:port
  • service://host
NZBGet Notifications relies heavily on relaying the information it extracts from an NZBGet RPC call it makes. It's important that your RPC Server is running (NZBGet out of the box has it already configured). If your not sure, just make sure you're listening on a local address in your Settings -> Security options of your configuration. Setting a TCP/IP address of is the easiest way to ensure you won't have a problem.

Here are a few things it can do:
  • Supports listing the downloaded files, displaying statistics, and/or displaying the log entries.
  • Can act as a Queue-Script and notify you when something was just added to the queue.
  • You can specify as many Push Notification servers as you want.
  • Notification services that support HTML content can be notified as such.
  • Notification services that support graphic images can display a fancy red (failure), green (success), or blue (info) image to enhance the user experience. :)
Boxcar Users
For Boxcar users, you just need to decide if you're accessing an insecure (boxcar://) or secure (boxcars://) server. Then you can optionally specify aliases, device tokens and/or tags on the path using the slash as a delimiter. You can mix and match them too, the script will look after notifying them for you.
  • boxcars://hostname
  • boxcars://user@pass:hostname/
  • boxcars://hostname/device_token/device_token2/device_tokenN
  • boxcars://hostname/@tag1/@tag2/@tagN
  • boxcars://hostname/alias1/alias2/aliasN
  • boxcars://hostname/@tag/device_token/alias/etc
For Faast users, you need an authtoken... and that's it:

Notify My Android Users
For Notify My Android users, you need an apikey... and that's it:

Emails are new as of version 0.2.0 and are a little more complicated since they require a lot of extra details. The script has built in support for mainstream services (such as GMail, Hotmail, and Yahoo). This can be easily expanded too! The below show examples of these services. The script is smart enough to take the userid and domain and know the security settings, port, and to combine userid@domain.com for the login.

Emails are all delivered in an HTML format for presentation purposes. They can be reverted to text by specifying format=text as a parameter passed on URL.

Note: For GMail, you may need to generate an App Password if you're set up using the 2 Step Verification Process.


For more custom emails, the script gets more complicated. It's up to you if maybe just using HugBug's standalone Email plugin (which is shipped with NZBGet) as an easier solution. First off, secure vs insecure emails are defined by mailto:// (port 25) and mailtos:// (port 587) where mailtos:// will enable TLS prior to sending the user and password.


If you need to over-ride the SMTP Port, you can do so like this:

Also, it's It's important to note that if your username is an email address, you need to specify it as a user= parameter after:

There are lots of options supported too:

Pushjet Users
For Pushjet users, you need a host and an optional to access it. The following will access them all:
[*] pjet://key@server[/b]
[*] pjets://key@server[/b]
Use pjet for an insecure connection (http) and pjets for secure (https).

If you don't have a key in place, then you can just access the server directly:
[*] pjet://server
[*] pjets://server

PushBullet Users
For PushBullet users, you need an apitoken to access your devices. The following will access them all:

If you want to target specific PushBullet device(s), channel(s), and/or email(s), just specify them on the path using the slash as a delimiter. You can mix and match them too, the script will look after notifying them for you. Growl Users
For Growl users, you can optionally specify a password or just identify the growl server. The following illustrates this:

Older Growl servers running v1.x may need to specify the version to 1 to get it working; ie:

In order for Growl to run; each client that sends messages to it needs to register itself with the Growl server. Make sure that you've configured your server to allow registration. In addition to this; make sure that after this Notify tool registers itself with it; that you grant it access to pass the notifications along.

Prowl Users
For Prowl users, you need an apikey to access your devices. The following will access them all:

If you need to specify your provider key, you can add it to the URL as follows:

Pushalot Users
The following can query a pushalot server:

Pushover Users
You'll need to provide both your token and userid which can be done using this format. To access all devices just do the following:

If you want to target a specific (or more then one) device only, you can do the following:

Telegram Notification Users
Telegram is for the most part straight forward to set up. You need to create an account and generate a bot (through the /@BotFather). He'll give you an APIkey you can use the interface with your bot. The API key will look something like this: 123456789:1AbCdEfG2hIjKlMnO3-pQrStU4_vWxYz.

With this info, you can now start messaging the bot with the URL:

This will work too:

You can send to more then one userid or channel by either its ID (numeric) or it's name (alphanumeric). The script will figure out what you meant and send the message as intended.

Feel free to mix and match as many as you want:

Slack Notification Users
To use this plugin, you need to first access https://api.slack.com; specifically https://my.slack.com/services/new/incoming-webhook/ to create a new incoming webhook for your account. You'll need to follow the wizard to pre-determine the channel(s) you want your message to broadcast to, and when you're complete, you will receive a URL that looks something like this:

Consider this Key:
You can break these down as follows:
  • TokenA: T1JJ3T3L2
  • TokenB: A1BRTD4JD
  • TokenC: TIiajkdnlazkcOXrIdevi7F
From here you can assemble your urls as so:

MatterMost Notification
To use this plugin, you need to first set yourself up with http://mattermost.com. Download their software and set it up. The setup is based on Incoming Web Hooks requiring you to generate your own WebHook ID. The default port is 8065 unless otherwise specified. Knowing this, you can assemble your urls as so:

Join Notification
To use this plugin, you need to first access (make sure your browser allows popups): https://joinjoaomgcd.appspot.com/
To register you just need to allow it to connect to your Google Profile but the good news is it doesn't ask for anything too personal.
You can download the app for your (Android) phone here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... omgcd.join
From here, you're good to go :

Twitter Notification
  1. You'll need to first visit https://apps.twitter.com and generate an app you can pass your notifications through.
  2. Once you create the app, you'll need to generate the Access Tokens. This Is done from the "Keys and Access Tokens" Tab.
  3. You'll now have 4 Tokens to work with at this point on this same page.
    • A Consumer Key
    • A Consumer Secret
    • An Access Token
    • An Access Token Secret
You will also need either your UserID (or Owner ID) plus the 4 keys to assemble your tweet url:
  • tweet://userid@ConsumerKey/ConsumerSecret/AccessToken/AccessSecret
  • tweet://ownerid@ConsumerKey/ConsumerSecret/AccessToken/AccessSecret
(Super) Toasty
You MUST specify at a user and at a least 1 device for this to work:

You can specify more then one device too:

Command Line
Most of my testing is done using the Command Line Interface I attached to it. For example a simple entry like this could send 'Hello World' to your XBMC server:

Code: Select all

python Notify.py -s xbmc:// -t "Hello" -b "World!"
Here is what the tool offers so far (from the command line):

Code: Select all

Usage: Notify.py [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s URL(s), --servers=URL(s)
                        Specify 1 or more servers in their URL format ie:
  -t TITLE, --title=TITLE
                        Specify the title of the notification message.
  -b BODY, --body=BODY  Specify the body of the notification message.
  -i, --include_image   Include image in message if the protocol supports it.
  -L FILE, --logfile=FILE
                        Send output to the specified logfile instead of
  -D, --debug           Debug Mode
Thank you binreader for all of your protocol suggestions; I'll be able to tackle most of them except a few due to the fact they can't be accessed without compiling code. I'm going to stick with python for now to be cross-platform friendly.

Happy Notifying :)
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Re: [PP-Script] Notifications; Growl,XBMC, Prowl, PushBullet

Post by binreader » 26 Nov 2014, 14:11

It's a cool idea, one ring to unite them all. Perhaps when this one is ship shape hugbug may put into the distro.

Pushover is another service, I saw a script in the forums for it but itsa a paid app after trial period.
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Re: [PP-Script] Notifications; Growl,XBMC, Prowl, PushBullet

Post by l2g » 26 Nov 2014, 15:53

Thanks binreader,

I've added Pushover (pover://) to the TODO list,
Last night I created a simple JSON one too which can be used to just send content to a someone's website they set up which could be stored easily in a database accessible via json:// and jsons:// (secure version). Perhaps I should do a generic XML (SOAP) (xml:// and xmls://) one too?

I intend to add the Download Statistics and File Listings into the success/failure message too. In this early stage of development, i'm just trying to acknowledge as many protocols as I can. Thanks again for your feedback!

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Re: [PP-Script] Notifications; Growl,XBMC, Prowl, PushBullet

Post by binreader » 26 Nov 2014, 21:14

Here is a list from a well respected nzb site

Boxcar 2
faast/push 4.0

notify my android

Windows Phone

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Re: [PP-Script] Notifications; Growl,XBMC, Prowl, PushBullet

Post by l2g » 01 Dec 2014, 21:55

Thanks binreader for all the protocols you suggested!

I was able to impliment most of those and put together a release. I do not have an account for half of these services. each plugin was just created by following the documented API instructions on their websites.

If anyone has any issues, i'd be happy to address them!
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Re: [PP-Script] Notifications; Growl,XBMC, Prowl, PushBullet

Post by hugbug » 01 Dec 2014, 22:55

That's incredible.

And to make the list complete may be mailto"?

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Re: [PP-Script] Notifications; Growl,XBMC, Prowl, PushBullet

Post by l2g » 02 Dec 2014, 02:22

hugbug wrote:And to make the list complete may be mailto"?
I thought about that, the only problem with the mailto:// will be all the other settings such as the smtp mail server. I could try some basic guessing by the domain the user has. Hence if the users email is test@gmail.com i could try smtp.gmail.com and then mail.gmail.com etc. But then i'd have to also guess at SMTP ports (starting with the secure ones first).

It would certainly become messy and confusing fast though when you populate the field:

hence, it might look something (overly complicated) ilke this:

Code: Select all

I kind of like having the mail notification seperate just due to all of the configuration it entails. Plus your Email.py you got in place is solid! :)

I do intend to add the statistics, file listings, html support (to the notification servers that support it), and perhaps a Queue Script portion that notifies you when something has just begun downloading.

Anyway... your thoughts?

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Re: [PP-Script] Notifications; Growl,XBMC, Prowl, PushBullet

Post by binreader » 02 Dec 2014, 16:05

Wow l2g you have come a far distance in a very short time. Now that we have a release I will do some testing I have pushbullet, prowl and xbmc and am familiar with the original notification scripts for all 3.

IMHO the measuring stick around here when it comes to notifications is the pushbullet script. It has a ton of options to config like skipping notifications on certain category and the formatting of the title and body. But I'll compare against this new integrated one.

Also I notice you have xbmc you may want to also include plex which has an api. plex is like xbmc but more popular because it is split into client and server components. So you notify the clients. However plex is a bit of ball of wax cuz under certain circumstance you may need to call the server refresh method else the client notification is a bit pointless. some setups of plex do not require server refresh as it is handled automagically. So a lot config options need to be there, check mannibis script on the forums for re details.

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Re: [PP-Script] Notifications; Growl,XBMC, Prowl, PushBullet

Post by l2g » 03 Dec 2014, 13:23


I didn't realize pushbullet was free, i signed up yesterday just to play around with it and it didn't work until i made one small adjustement. It works now without any problems. So you'll want to grab the latest version (updated the main post).

Hopefully tonight i'll get the statistics and file listings added to the response too.

Dec 3rd, 2014 Edit: Statistics, html support and file listings added. I haven't set up any services to utilize the html yet, but that's next. Once again, i bumped the version. So you'll want to grab it to get these bells and whistles.

Dec 4th, 2014 Edit: Logging now optional choice too, Queue-Script support now too pushing notifications when new nzb files are added. Some bullet proofing added and all previous features are optional choices.

Dec 29th, 2014 Edit: Bugfix with log sorting

Also, I've got mixed thoughts about adding Plex support just because of all the things you have to do in some cases. My goal is to just support notification services. I think i'll leave all that crazy Plex overhead to the other guy who's maintaining an exclusive script for it. :) That said, if Plex just has a 'popup' notification style thing, i'll gladly impliment that.

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Re: [PP-Script / Queue-Script] Notifications (All In One)

Post by carp969 » 13 Jan 2015, 22:03

Thanks for this. I use Push Over a lot but never got round to getting a queue script working.

I'm finding that it doesn't translate the spaces from %20. So the title for a new nzb item shows as New%20File%20Queued%20for%20Download in pushover.

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