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[PP-Script] MediaCenterPal

Posted: 31 May 2015, 23:42
by CutePoisonX
What does the script do?
As the successor of PoisonProcess, the main goal is to integrate your downloaded videos (movies, tv-shows) into your media library. It tries to extract the title of the videos out of the filename and NZB-name and performs an imdb search to verify it.

Why an imdb search?
Often when you download videos, the filenames do not exactly represent the title of the movie/tv-show. This makes it hard for your media client (e.g. Kodi) to download the right meta data. By considering the nzb-filename and the filenames of the downloaded videos, MediaCenterPal extracts several possible title combinations and performs an imdb search with them. Subsequently, the imdb results get matched back to the filename through several algorithms and the best one is chosen.
This method works far better than the method used in PoisonProcess! The cool thing is if your native language is not english, you can set your language as an option in the NZBGet webinterface. Every language that imdb supports is possible! Considering the fact, that imdb even contains video games, adding video game processing later on won’t be a difficult thing to do.

For example if the filename of your downloaded file is "got - s05e08", then the script will extract "got" as a title and send it to imdb. The search results however, will return "Game of Thrones", since GOT is listed as an aka title on imdb. Consequently, your video will get "Game of Thrones" assigned as a title which is pretty cool right?

Further functionality?
MediaCenterPal is designed to integrate the downloaded videos into your media library. This means automatic detection of downloaded subtitles and pictures, creating season and movie folders etc. Once it got the title of the downloaded video, renaming subtitles to a specific format is no problem at all. You can even let MediaCenterPal determine the language of the subtitles and keep only the ones that you need. If your download is integrated into your media center, MediaCenterPal can be configured to refresh your Kodi-client and to send you a pushover notification.
Several other functionalities will be added in upcoming versions, like automatic file conversion with PoisonConvert or Plex refreshing.

Key functionalities summarized:
  • automatic title detection
  • detection and renaming of subtitles (language detection, detection of "forced" subtitles)
  • detection and renaming of pictures
  • enumeration of videos
  • moving all detected files to your media library (creating necessary folders, etc…)
  • cleaning up the download directory
  • refreshing your Kodi client
  • sending you a pushover notification
The script is written in bash and should work on most linux systems (windows is not supported).

Author: Christoph Ebner (
Licence: GPLv3 (
Changelog: ...
FAQs and installation instructions:!medi ... -faqs/czpp
Version: 0.0.1b3

For bugs, feedback, etc. use this forum or the MediaWare Factory homepage.

Re: [PP-Script] MediaCenterPal

Posted: 02 Jun 2015, 19:01
by hugbug
I'm curently working on making the universal Linux installer compatible with Android. The next testing will work on android. There is currently no python for android which can run standalone scripts. That makes most of nzbget post-processing script unusable on android. At the same time that makes your script unique in this regard.

Although android has very limited shell the most important tools can be installed via play store apps. That includes busybox (for most tools) and bash. Since busybox has only limited compatibility with original tools there is always a chance a shell script written for full featured desktop system may fail when running on busybox.

If you have an android system and and interest to make the script android compatible I could send you nzbget installer app for android to give the script a try there.

Re: [PP-Script] MediaCenterPal

Posted: 03 Jun 2015, 14:54
by CutePoisonX

Yes I'm highly interested. Making it compatible with android would be nice and shouldn't be that much work since the script was written on a Synology DiskStation that uses busybox too.
You can send the installer to: and I will test it with the latest android on a vm.

Re: [PP-Script] MediaCenterPal

Posted: 20 Oct 2015, 08:58
by Max.Henri
Is it possible with this script to just keep the files filename? And possible to rename it to the parent directory? In Videosort, I can use the %fn or %dn, but I'd rather use something not Python :)

Re: [PP-Script] MediaCenterPal

Posted: 21 Oct 2015, 06:36
by CutePoisonX
Currently, this is not possible but I will include this in the next release. Thanks for your suggestion!

Re: [PP-Script] MediaCenterPal

Posted: 22 Nov 2015, 14:03
by asselnik
i become this error: "MediaCenterPal: Could not extract information. Can not continue ..."

I only want to move only my mkv-file in the dst-directory to another directory.

How can i do this?

Re: [PP-Script] MediaCenterPal

Posted: 23 Nov 2015, 21:38
by CutePoisonX

MediaCenterPal is designed to extract information out of your downloaded movie/tv-show by performing an imdb-search. Then, it moves the downloaded file with the correct title into a folder structure. The whole purpose of this procedure is that all downloads get organized in a way so that e.g. kodi is able to recognize the file correctly. However, if MediaCenterPal can't retrieve information out of the file, it will not continue.
Simply moving every downloaded file is not part of MediaCenterPal. It always tries to extract information first, and if it succeeds, it will integrate the file in your media library correctly.

But if you only want to move a downloaded file into another folder; why not just write a one-liner bash script like:
mv "source" "destination"

Or did I miss something?

Re: [PP-Script] MediaCenterPal

Posted: 25 Nov 2015, 08:40
by asselnik
Thanks for reply.

With the bach-script i have a problem,
the movies are in underfolders, then i cant find it with the "mv" command.

And i dont know what i must write in the bash-script :-(

Re: [PP-Script] MediaCenterPal

Posted: 07 May 2019, 12:01
by moddigi1
Is this project dead? The links aren't working. I love the idea of Kodi notification. I use VideoSort at the mo but it doesn't generate .nfo files for TV episodes, not sure of any script that does?