[REQ] Pre-processing Queue Script

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[REQ] Pre-processing Queue Script

Post by urthling » 25 Jul 2015, 02:50

Hello - recently moved from sabnzbd to nzbget and am linking it so far. One script I had in place was a pre-processing script when an nzb gets added to the queue. Basically, it allowed one to set the priority and mode (paused, started, etc.) based on the category of the file. The script is found here - http://goo.gl/jfA6T9 . Could one directly use the script as is in nzbget or does it need to be rewritten? The most useful feature for me would be to add nzbs in a paused state based on size (e.g. anything over 5GB).

Thanks for any help.

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Re: [REQ] Pre-processing Queue Script

Post by kloaknet » 25 Jul 2015, 06:08

when you print a message to nzbget, the nzb that called the script can easily be paused with the command

print '[NZB] PAUSED=1'

but I guess there is something similar in bash to print a message, it looks like it is echo instead of print

for NZBget to pick up the script you need to add a header block, like in this post: http://forum.nzbget.net/viewtopic.php?f ... ash#p13670

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