[Future PP-Script] Add to Trakt collection

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[Future PP-Script] Add to Trakt collection

Post by vidavidorra » 05 Jan 2016, 23:21

I'm thinking of writing a script that could automatically add a serie episode to your Trakt collection (http://trakt.tv/).
This could, for example, be useful if you would keep all your series stored on your hard drive and hence would like have them in your Trakt collection.
I recently started using Plex on my NAS, so for me the script isn't necessary since Plex does this for me, but before I was using Plex a script like I described would be very usefull for me.

This topic is mainly to see whether people would be interested in such a script. So if you are interested in such a feature please let me know in the comments.
If there is interest in this I will start working on this 'project'. :D

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Re: [Future PP-Script] Add to Trakt collection

Post by Nedle » 08 Jan 2016, 10:23

I've done some work on trakt, but as an RSS feed script. It will check your collection on trakt and see if anything is present and if so remove it from the RSS feed, to avoid downloading duplicates. As I'm running NZBGet on Android it is a mixture of Python and android shell commands. Not sure if it is useful for you because of this. I'm also really not too skilled in any programming, just figuring stuff out as I go. But I'd be happy to share if you want.

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