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Re: [Scan-script] MetaCategory - set category from nzb-file meta-tag

Posted: 26 Jun 2020, 17:21
by womo
Not working for me for some reason. I have a category I named Anime with extension script set to pp-script, a one-liner that just outputs text to log, and it's destdir set to a test folder. For it's Aliases I put TV* . I have MetaCategory enabled in global extensions. does print out the line as expected without error when specified in global extensions.

Then i put an nzb with category tag "TV > Anime" into the NZBGet watched folder. NZBGet picks up the nzb and downloads correctly, but the file ends up in folder TV _ Anime, not the test folder, and the line doesn't appear in the log.

The log shows MetaCategory running as usual and setting the category properly to "TV > Anime", but NZBGet doesn't seem to be using the category to match the Alias even though its set to TV* and MetaCategory definitely set the category to "TV > Anime"

This is using the watched folder to add the nzb, but the same thing happens when Sonarr is requesting via API. This is as expected though, since Sonarr uses the category from it's downloader settings and this wouldn't be changed by MetaCategory and therefore not matched to alias TV* .

Not sure what I'm not getting here to make this work.

Re: [Scan-script] MetaCategory - set category from nzb-file meta-tag

Posted: 22 Aug 2022, 21:46
by jedimole
While I know this is an old thread, I deployed the script, set the order, and enabled it, but it's still not setting the cat even though it's in the header:

<meta type="category">Books &gt; Comics</meta>
<meta type="name">Carnage.003.2022.Digital.Zone-Empire</meta>