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[Schd-Script] Auto Resume queue item after x days

Posted: 10 Jun 2019, 21:59
by zikzik

I created a small scheduler script which checks your current queue for paused RSS feed items and resumes them if they are older than x days.

This comes in handy when you're using dupescore in RSS feeds to get the best release possible and want to accept the 'best' release after e.g. a week.

Example (part) of my own FeedX.Filter:

Code: Select all

O(s:2000, p:yes):  720p
O(s:3000, p:yes):  720p *265
O(s:4000, p:yes):  1080p
O(s:5000, p:no):   1080p *265
I've set up the script to run once day.

Feel free to comment or give feedback.