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[PP-Script] RcloneMove - Automatically load balance moving downloads to rclone remotes

Posted: 03 Sep 2019, 01:19
by sachk
This PP-Script uses rclone and screen to move downloads to a random rclone remote in a comma separated list. It supports seting rclone config locations, and where in the remotes to copy files to. My use case for it is getting past the 750Gb/day google drive limit by using multiple drives.

Requirements: rclone, coreutils or busybox, screen

Installation Instructions:
  • Install rclone and setup all your remotes, make sure rclone is in the path of the user running nzbget
  • Make sure screen is installed
  • Download the ZIP file and extract the script to your post-processing script directory
  • Configure the options in the web-ui

Download Link