Check FileSize and SetPriority

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Check FileSize and SetPriority

Post by rolmei » 30 Aug 2020, 10:28

i habe try my first script, but it doesn't work.
Could somebody check what is wrong.

In the message are this messages:
info Sun Aug 30 2020 12:18:46 SizePriority: IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level
info Sun Aug 30 2020 12:18:46 SizePriority: ^
info Sun Aug 30 2020 12:18:46 SizePriority: result = nzbget.editqueue('GroupSetPriority', 0, Priority, nzb['NZBID']

With the message i find no idea what is really wrong.
Is it possible to debug a phyton in nzbget?
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Re: Check FileSize and SetPriority

Post by hugbug » 30 Aug 2020, 17:59

Python is sensitive to proper line indentation. Open the file in a text editor which can show invisible symbols (spaces and tabs), then replace all tabs with spaces and check/correct indentation.

Instead of debugging from nzbget you can launch the script from terminal or from your favourite python IDE/debugger. You just need to set environment variables required by your script (which are normally set by nzbget for scripts).

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