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[Queue-Script] StickyDownloadQueue - Download NZBs to completion once started

Posted: 24 May 2021, 23:59
by Hidendra
This script changes the priority of NZBs that are downloading. By default it uses FORCE but can be configured. The priority will stay the same until it is fully completed (unless a different script changes the priority after the download finishes.)

When downloading many NZBs, in-progress downloads can be annoyingly bumped when the queue is sorted (e.g. QueueSort script) or when an NZB gets added with a high priority (e.g. "recent priority" in *Arrs). This can cause several unfinished NZBs to fill up space and eventually cause NZBGet to pause due to running out of space if the partially complete NZBs are not completed in time. This is mainly problematic in deployments that have little storage in the 'completed' directory (e.g. 100 GB in my case).

This prevents this situation by adjusting the priority of any NZB once it has downloaded a single file (1~100 MB). As long as the priority is higher than any priority you currently use, the download won't be interrupted until completion.

  • NZBGet 18.0+
  • Python 2 or 3 accessible from NZBGet


Download / Source
GitHub: ... e/releases