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NZBID in PostProcessing

Posted: 06 Apr 2013, 18:53
by clintonhall
Hi hugbug,

New developments at CouchPotato have seen the NZBID written into the "release" table of the database at time of sending nzb to NZBGet,

Now, when renaming completed downloads, CouchPotato matches the NZBID (if renaming triggered from api monitoring) to the release table to ensure the release is correctly flagged as complete and to check the qualities etc.

so, for my postprocessing option, I want to also pass the NZBID through. Is this currently available (is this tag exported?) and if so, what is the name of this variable? If not, can this be made available for future releases?

Re: NZBID in PostProcessing

Posted: 06 Apr 2013, 19:52
by hugbug
The using of NZBID to track nzb-files is unfortunate. These IDs are regenerated when the queue is loaded from disk and therefore should not be used across program sessions. This can be fixed of course.

The pp-script doesn't get NZBID passed. This can be added in the next version as well.

Re: NZBID in PostProcessing

Posted: 07 Apr 2013, 02:09
by clintonhall
Thanks for confirming this.

I'll let everyone over at CouchPotato know.

What they are trying to do is poll the downloader periodically to find the status of the download (using this NZBID) and then trigger the renamer when complete.

What I am still doing is using the downloader to trigger the postprocessing when complete and then tell CouchPotato that the particular download is complete.

For now, I am cheating in that for both sab and nzbget I am just polling CouchPotato to find the id from the "snatched" release for that movie (with a few checks to make sure it is valid etc) so this shouldn't hurt my script as it is (torrents we just match the torrent hash as the downloader id)....

As I understand, the current method in CouchPotato would cause problems if nzbget was restarted during a download? As the NZBID would no longer match the value in CouchPotato's database and therefore it would get the status of a different (or no) download...

Re: NZBID in PostProcessing

Posted: 07 Apr 2013, 08:21
by mano3m
Hi hugbug,

As clinton.hall stated, we are trying to improve integration between couchpotato and the downloading programs it supports. One item is the tracking of the status of nzbs sent to the downloader program.

It would be great if you could include an id which is unique for the nzb across sessions, so that we don't lose sight of the nzb. In addition, it would be nice if this id was returned when adding a new nzb. We currently search for the id after adding it to the queue.

Another item we ask the downloaders is how much time is left unil the download is finished (including downloads before this one). I guess such a function/parameter does not yet exist for NZBGet. It would also be nice if this parameter could be added. :)

Thanks a bunch,



Re: NZBID in PostProcessing

Posted: 07 Apr 2013, 13:40
by hugbug
The non-persistent NZBID issue will be fixed.

I suggest however a different solution, which will work with all NZBGet versions: instead of saving NZBID on your side let NZBGet save your CouchPotato-ID.

NZBGet has a concept of post-processing parameters. Each download job (nzb-file) in NZBGet has a list of Name=Value-pairs. The post-processing parameters can be set and accessed via RPC.

1) after the nzb-file is added to NZBGet use method "editqueue" to save your ID in the nzb-files pp-parameters. For example "couchpotato_id=123":

Code: Select all

editqueue("GroupSetParameter", 0, "couch potato_id=123", [123])
2) when you check current status using method "listgroups" check in the array "Parameters" for your pp-variable "couchpotato_id".

3) a post-processing script becomes all pp-variables as env. variables (see doc for option <PostProcess>). In this case env. var "NZBPR_couchpotato".

You can use as many pp-parameters as you need.

Re: NZBID in PostProcessing

Posted: 07 Apr 2013, 17:43
by clintonhall
I like it.

Thanks hugbug.

Re: NZBID in PostProcessing

Posted: 01 May 2013, 20:01
by hugbug
r657: all ID fields including NZBID are now persistent and remain their values after restart.

When using please make a version check with RPC-method "version()". You need either "nzbget-11.0" (this is 11.0 stable then) or "nzbget-11.0-testing-r657" (at least 657) or "nzbget-11.0-testing" (without rxxx-part, this is how version is printed in windows releases, in this case you can't be sure if it is at least r657 but just assume it is).

The passing of NZBID to pp-script is not yet implemented but will be added soon.

Re: NZBID in PostProcessing

Posted: 01 May 2013, 22:08
by clintonhall
Thanks hugbug.

I am using a Parameter "couchpotato" in my post processing scripts and I made some changes that have been implemented in CouchPotato whereby we write a unique I'd into the database and then send to NZBGet as Parameter "couchpotato"
So everything is working at this time...

Next time we need to tweak this we will probably go back to the NZBID. :D

From my end.... All downloads have been working great with v11 testing, using multiple pp scripts and using this couchpotato parameter in and from CouchPotato..... I'm loving it and my NAS is enjoying the extra available CPU ;)

Re: NZBID in PostProcessing

Posted: 02 May 2013, 07:06
by hugbug
clintonhall wrote:Next time we need to tweak this we will probably go back to the NZBID. :D
Since it's already implemented I would stick with pp-parameter because it's already works and is compatible with older nzbget versions.