nzbToMedia for NZBGet V11+

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Re: nzbToMedia for NZBGet V11+

Post by kjKmcQN3 » 20 Jun 2017, 11:49


Thanks again! Do you recommend the switch to the OS X branch or is it better to stay on master now that everything seems to be working fine with the "python 2" to "python" name change hack? Does the OS X branch get the same updates and at the same time as master?

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Re: nzbToMedia for NZBGet V11+

Post by clintonhall » 21 Jun 2017, 12:38

Yes. I merge to OSX at the same time as Master, so I recommend OSX branch.

The edit of the first line will prevent future auto-updates...

I don't have dev/nightly pushes into OSX... so it is only synced with Master branch.

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Re: nzbToMedia for NZBGet V11+

Post by alegend » 22 Jun 2017, 07:30

Hey there...
I solved my problem!!

Reason was nzbtomedia not being newest version.
As it didnt auto update I did a git pull/stash and finally works like a charm!


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Re: nzbToMedia for NZBGet V11+

Post by gregtotheizzo » 02 Sep 2017, 03:26

I'm running nzbget19 with sick rage on ubuntu 16.04.

I tried to get nzbtosickbeard working but I'm not sure if it's compatible.

Is anyone familiar with a link or process for configuring this for sickrage?

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Re: nzbToMedia for NZBGet V11+

Post by mpvescio » 28 Dec 2017, 16:41

Reviving this thread with (what I presume is) an amateur question.

I'm running NZBGET & Sonarr on a QNAP. One of my biggest issues is transcoding content when its streaming outside of my home. Essentially this kills my server when more than one transcode is happening simultaneously. I've been looking for a post-download solution for NZBGET to MUX the files into something more universal (i.e. mp4).

1. Is this the right tool for the job? -- Is this it's main purpose, to transcode with the assistance of ffmpeg?
2. Can I install this onto my QNAP server? -- if so, is there a QPKG or any documentation on how to install to QNAP?

Thanks very much; P.S. If this isn't the right tool I would really appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. I've been busting my hump trying to use Handbrake on the QNAP but i'm really not that great at programming automation scripts for the command line.

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Re: nzbToMedia for NZBGet V11+

Post by kjKmcQN3 » 28 Oct 2018, 12:45

Hi @clintonhall. Quick question! I am using nzbToMedia with NZBGet and SickChill and just noticed something unusual. The settings for the nzbToSickBeard and nzbToMedia scripts as seen in the NZBGet app settings differ from what I can see in the and files.

For example, while under NZBGet setting I have configured the correct username/password for SickRage these are shown as blank in the .py file. Also, the auto update is set to enabled (1) under NZBGet settings but auto_update=0 in the .py file.

Everything works just fine but I wonder why this is and would be very interested to find out. FYI, I switched over to the OS X branch a long time ago in case that is pertinent. Thanks!

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