[PP-Script] VideoSort - better video sorting

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Re: [PP-Script] VideoSort - better video sorting

Post by greg4168 » 02 Jul 2021, 16:12

Hi - have been having a weird problem with NzbGet/Videosort for a long time and have done a lot of research but still haven't found a solution. Using Windows 10 for both. MoviesDir in Videosort is set to Z:\Movies\. They are downloaded to C drive of the server and then moved their by VideoSort. Issue is sporadic - a movie downloads and is placed in a folder. It is not supposed to create a subfolder for the movie but does. Weird thing is that while it creates the folder, it puts the movie itself in the Z:\movies folder as intended. The even weirder thing is: it also grabs one movie from Z:\movies, moves it to the new subfolder, then renames that movie to the newly downloaded movie title. Seems random as to what movie it moves/renames from the Z:\movies folder. I'm all kinds of confused trying to figure it out. Have removed/reinstalled both numerous times to get back to default configuration. Movies are coming from Radarr. Is there something in Radarr I should be checking/setting so it doesn't interfere with what Videosort does, or vice versa? Anybody have an idea?


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Re: [PP-Script] VideoSort - better video sorting

Post by lantura » 24 Apr 2022, 21:35

run the script on Synology DSM 7 (Python3) Docker and get ERRNO 18 Cross-device link.
Donwload-Dir is on Volume 1, Destination Dir on Volume 2, Volumes are different hard disks.
PP-Script Version: 9.0
Any hints.
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