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Re: [Scan-Script] pfftn (formerly

Posted: 15 Dec 2021, 13:01
by skycryer
Hi am trying to use the script with nzbget in docker from

I changed the scripts folder so I is been found. I tried the 3.x version of the script but I can not get it to work. I see it to 777 and root so I should be accessible. I added the script under settings->Extension Scripts and also tried to add it under each category. But post processing is not working. Tried with new downloads and existing downloads and redo post processing. But I can only get an error that password is wrong. But password should be correct because manually unpack with password works. And yes the password is inside {{password}} so this should also work.

Anyone who can help me get this script working? Because without automatic password and unpack this app is not really usable for me.