nzbget 21.0 (stable) released

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nzbget 21.0 (stable) released

Post by hugbug » 03 May 2019, 18:25

Changes since 20.0
  • reworked duplicate handling to support URLs, especially when using RSS feeds (#541):
    • queue items added via URLs (to be fetched by nzbget) are no longer immediately fetched;
    • instead url-items are handled by duplicate check similar to nzb-items and may be placed into history as duplicate backups;
    • if an url-item needs to be downloaded as backup for a failed other item the nzb-file is fetched via provided URL;
    • this greatly reduces the number of nzbs fetched from indexers when using RSS feeds and duplicate handling;
  • improved support for Android devices (#538):
    • now providing a separate installer package for Android;
    • the package contains binaries built using Android NDK;
    • this improves compatibility with Android, in particular with Android 8, where general Linux installer version of NZBGet didn't work anymore due to security changes in Android;
    • android installer app is updated to use the new android installer package instead of general Linux package;
  • thoroughly optimised the program to reduce power consumption in idle state (#351, #593, #597):
    • number of CPU wake ups in idle state has been reduced from hundreds times per second to about only one per second;
  • optimisations for large queues with thousands of items (#591):
    • speed up saving of queue state and reduced number of queue state savings;
    • improved queue state format to reduce amount of state data saved during downloading;
    • in tests download speed for very large queue (16000 items) has been increased from 45 MB/s to 300 MB/s (comparing to 400 MB/s with small queue);
  • added native support for aarch64 architecture (ARM 64 Bit CPU) in Linux and Android installers (#629);
  • updated unrar to 5.7 and 7-zip to 19.0 (#618);
  • Windows installer now includes unrar in 32 bit and 64 bit variants (#618);
  • allowing wildcards in option AuthorizedIP (#620);
  • force par-check for nzbs without archives (#525);
  • improved handling of files splitted via par2 (#595);
  • added python 3 compatibility to script (#578);
  • added python 3 compatibility to script (#581);
  • proper UTF-8 encoding of email content in script (#585);
  • improved error reporting for queue disk state corruption (#591);
  • removed suggestion of RC4 cipher (#611);
  • better description of option UMask (#612);
  • integrated LGTM code analyser tool into project (#604);
  • added functional tests for unpack CRC error (#558);
  • click on nzbget logo in web-interface now switches to downloads tab instead of showing "About dialog" which has been moved into settings (#564);
  • fixed: failed downloads not having any par2- or archive- files were moved to DestDir instead of remaining in InterDir (#562);
  • fixed crash when using FIPS version of OpenSSL (#561);
  • fixed potential crash in built-in web-server (#567);
  • fixed: statistics for session download time and speed may be way off on high load (#573);
  • fixed many compilation warnings in GCC (#590, #592);
  • fixed deprecated OpenSSL calls (#600);
  • fixed: macOS menubar widget could not connect if password contained special characters (#599);
  • fixed compatibility issue with OpenSSL compiled without compression support (#607, #608);
  • fixed: remote clients not displaying current download speed (#351, #610);
  • fixed: remote server could crash when feed with invalid api request (#621);
  • fixed trimming of relative paths in config (#622, #135).

Changes since 21.0-testing-r2304 (latest testing release)
  • only version string.

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