[Feature Request] Option to finish active download items once "DiskSpace" has been exceeded

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[Feature Request] Option to finish active download items once "DiskSpace" has been exceeded

Post by JCas » 22 Feb 2023, 15:17

I'd like an option for NZBGet to complete downloading any actively downloading items once the DiskSpace quota has been reached/exceeded. It would not start any new downloads until the disk usage is back under the threshold.

For an explanation of why this would help me:

I use cloud storage for most of my storage but I run NZBGet locally along with radarr/sonarr/lidarr. My upstream bandwidth is terrible so I have to throttle my downloads and I do that via disk space. I try to keep ~120 GB of data in my upload queue which equates to about a full 24 hours of uploading. My upload queue is on the same disk as my NZBGet completed and intermediate directories. I have NZBGet set to stop downloading when it reaches the disk space total minus the ~120 GB. The effect is that as the upload queue fills with items pending upload (they can come from NZBGet or elsewhere), it'll throttle back NZBGet resulting in maintaining roughly 1 full day of upload "buffer".

However, if I have a large item in my queue and is partially downloaded but the disk space runs out sometimes NZBGet will go into this limbo mode where it does not resume because the disk space is never recovered.

I could move the intermediate directory to another disk and disable direct unpack (I think) and resolve this issue but that would cause a lot more disk IO resulting in more load on the lightweight platform I am running on.

The more efficient solution is to allow NZBGet to continue partially completed downloads after the DiskSpace quota has been reached. I have been setting the priority for these larger downloads to priority "Force" to bypass the limitation and besides being a manual process, it resolves the issue.

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