Unrar & post processing issues

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Unrar & post processing issues

Post by kaparmar » 14 Nov 2017, 18:22

Hi,I have recently reformatted my Mac Mini to Mac OSX El Capitan. Getting SickRage and NZBGet set up wasn't an issue until it came to unrar and post-processing.

My first issue is that I get a notification that the unrar path could not be found; I am using what I believe to be the default path for the built in unrar, however, when I look in that location there is no file or folder named unrar.

Secondly, I am using nzbToSickBeard script for post processing. Even here I seem to be having problems with my python path? I have made sure to install 2.7 and NOT 3.x.

When having issues with path, it always refers to Users/Kevin/Library/Application/ although I set the full path in the NZBGet settings: ~/Library/Application Support/NZBGet

See https://pastebin.com/yfJ88H5Y for log. Thanks! Sorry for the inexperience!

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